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Tanet’k Rethin

Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Asation

Mentor(s): Tyris Ard, Xayr'ka Atreus

Species: Human


As merely an infant, Tanet’k; his birth name Cato Rethin, was the victim of a neutronic storm whilst on transport towards Sernpidal to visit family whilst travelling close to the Gree Enclave territories. Upon discovery of their dead ship, the only survivors of the transport were 13 travellers; including Cato, the ship’s Captain, 2 members of the ship’s security and a service droid, which were taken in by the Gree as a sign of mutual respect to the local Imperials garnered during the Imperium War.

Whilst the Gree nurtured the Imperials back to health, Cato, perhaps on account of the loss of his parents, remained on the port-world of Asation, where immigrated species was most common in the Enclave. Rather than living with the humans, he remained by the side of Miret’k, a Gree, and given the name Tanet’k. As such, he quickly picked up on Gree speech patterns and mannerisms. However, he also became attuned with the senses of the Gree, over a period of years, through his attunement with the Force.

That was the first alarm bell that rang with Miret’k, as a human accurately ‘replicating’ their form of sense was practically unheard of. Through communication with both the Empire and the Jedi Order, by the age of 9 he willingly left to join the Jedi Order of Dantooine, and begin his Jedi training.

While his aptitude with the physical application of the force seemed a struggle, Tanet’k seemed to grasp the mental aspects of the Force quite quickly, as well as the mannerisms and and patterns of the other races within the Enclave. This, of course, lead him down the path of the Diplomat, and eventually lead him to a short term of unofficial training under an elderly Jedi Knight Tyris Ard, who began to hone his skill as a diplomat and learner, even as he continued his own training in the lightsaber arts under the form of Form V with the Guardians of the Order. Shortly after, he was recommended by Tyris Ard for a transfer to the Rannon order, which he happily agreed to, though in all that time his Gree mannerisms hadn’t quite left him.