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Talnath Ileybur


Homeworld: Firrerre

Species: Firrerreo


Talnath, age 7 born in Firrerre within a small village of their clan. Talnath, as a young child was raised by his mother and father. He lives as an only child, although spoiled he learned respect due to the close relations with the clan and people within it. Although, he did get into some childish troubles, he was never an instigator.
As a Firrerreo he has a very distinct look of golden skin, dark brown hair with silver stripes running down it, serrated teeth, a silver scar running down his upper right torso.As a child, Talnath spent most of his days assisting elders in his clan as well as a hunted with his Father, Janekkah. Due to the naturally strong vision he has, as well as his developed hearing, it was easy for him, or any Firrerreo to catch a prey. Janekkah, although quite aged being 60 was more than capable of keeping up, and assisting in order with the clan.His mother, Adriav, age 49 was an at home mother. Just like most females within the clan, they were tasked to assist with all children. This created a very strong bond within their community. Females, as well as Adriav were also tasked to hand punishments to people who disregard the clan laws.Talnath was at a elderly clan members hut, assisting her with all around chores from cleaning to cooking. His father called him over towards his house after he was done, he was sat down and told to head towards a distant village about two hours away in an attempt to break a trade deal with the village leather tanner. On his way there, he saw a group of people, probably another clan. He paid no attention to it, believing it was just a merchant group, unknowing to him they began to follow him towards the village, he made the trade with the tanner and was returning back home. On the way there, he began to notice the group more. He gets slightly frightened, his skin turning to a light grey before he began running in fear. The group almost instantly chased him, they quickly caught up thanks to their size. They quickly tackled him, Talnath instantly turned around, snarling and barring teeth towards them. He escaped for a moment running quickly back towards the town, using the height of trees and his hunting skills to hide. He made it back in the village, running back towards the tanner, explaining to him what occurred, the tanner; an elderly man, around the age of 70 decided to escort him back home, believing that if the group saw an adult they would leave them alone. All was quiet on their way back until they saw the group again. The old man decided to change paths and use a densely wooded area to make their way back. They believed they were safe until they heard people tailing them, most probably the same group from before. The old man sat Talnath down by a nearby tree, smiled to reassure him and started to continue his path to lure the group away from him.Talnath sat at his post for fifteen minutes before heading back down the path, worried about the old man. He believed he lost him and left, making his way in the wooded area towards the path. He picked up on some noise coming from his right on the way back and decided to investigate. He pushed his way past some bushes until he saw a clearing, about an acre large. He saw the old man in the middle, battered and bruised. He quickly made his way towards the man, worried. As he approached the man gestured him away, the criminals suddenly jumped out of the woods ambushing the man and Talnath. They grabbed him by his slightly long hair and threw him to the ground, Talnath, hissing, and snarling tried to fend off the people but was quickly kicked in the ribs by one of them. They put Talnath on his knees, forcing him to watch the old man as they pointed a blaster in the tanner’s direction.The thieves giggling and cursing went towards the man and placed the barrel of a blaster on his forehead. As Talnath witnessed it he let out a vicious but high pitched scream, he managed to break free from his captor and ran towards the thug with the blaster in hand attempting to tackle him. The ruffian quickly turned around and shot Talnath in the leg, he then aimed the blaster back towards the old man and shot him twice in the shoulder, the group of bullies then turned on their heels and walked away into the woods. Thanks to the quick natural healing prowess of the Firrerreo, Talnath and the old man were not critically wounded. After two hours had passed by, the old man stood up, the wounds almost healed, and picked Talnath up, who at this point was exhausted because of the stress and running. They made their way back to the clan, after a four hour trip they had made it to the village, as soon as they arrived they were rapidly rushed by the clan, their face petrified in fear, Talnath and the old man explained what occurred, they quickly get rushed into a tent and were both fed. Their wounds had already healed thanks to their natural abilities. The tanner, that same night, left to go back to his house, although the clan attempted to persuade him not to until the morning. A week went by and Talnath finally resumed his normal schedule after the traumatizing event. The old man came and visited twice during that week to check on Talnath. The visit became more frequent to the point that the old man was almost there every day.

One day, the old man came bearing gifts for Talnath, several toys, he was told to only choose one, Talnath was excited and placed all the objects on the floor, he wanted to keep them all, but one really caught his attention. Although it was plain and didn’t seem as fun as the others it had something else to it, something Talnath couldn’t quite figure out, he decided to pick that one. The old man nodded his head once with a wide smile as he knew what Talnath didn’t, that toy was special because it was imbued with the Force. The old man talked to Talnath’s parents for hours. A few days later, Adriav proposed to leave for a vacation, she decided that she wanted to go to Rannon, a beautiful planet, into the town of Kenzie. Talnath, of course, agreed to go. The trip was long and exhausting, as they finally arrived at the Kenzie spaceport, they were greeted by a robed man, he was wearing leather boots, and brown tunics, embroidered with intricate and refined patterns, he looked upon the child with his icy-blue eyes and smiled warmly, Adriav looked her son in the eyes, and explained the real reason they had come here, she told Talnath to go with the man and stay with him and his peers. She would stay in Kenzie for two weeks, if Talnath wanted to go home he could, or he could decide to stay in the temple and hopefully become a Jedi.