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Tal Zem

Tal Zem
Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Ord Pardron

Mentor(s): Chothi Uxaala

Species: Zabrak


Tal Zem is a male Zabrak who presently serves the galaxy as a Jedi Knight. Born to a Republic officer and a seamstress, Zem wasn’t discovered to be Force sensitive until he had just turned 8 years old.

Training on the mountains of Ossus under the supervision of Jedi Knight Chothi Uxaala and other Jedi Masters, Zem never expected to go far, but always gave his peers the impression of the exact opposite. He was brash, naive and made he up for his ineptitude on the sparring mat with poor attempts at banter.

After two years, his apprenticeship began; Chothi was stern and unforgiving as a teacher and for the next few years, Tal would spend more time away from Ossus than on it.

As Tal approached 14, Chothi took up a permanent position on the newly constructed Jedi Outpost on Bacrana. As her padawan, Tal was obliged to spend his time there as well. He carved a role for himself as an assistant to the resident instructors and gradually honed his own skills while providing frequent demonstrations to other visiting students.

After the death of Bacrana’s first headmaster, Alehk Thol, Chothi took the reigns of the facility. When this happened, Tal stepped into her old position and became a permanent resident instructor. After a few years, Chothi returned to Ossus and Tal became Bacrana’s third headmaster.