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Tal N’jork

Tal N’jork

Homeworld: Coruscant

Mentor(s): Jaxon Lume

Species: Nelvaan/Bothan


A dedicated and powerful Healer, Tal N’jork is extremely well practiced in Curato Salva, the Knight is capable of healing injuries and aliments that even the best doctors would struggle to cure. Tal’s knowledge in the medical field is extraordinarily broad, even outside of healing with the Force. Like all others in the N’jork family line, Tal’s abilities with Telepathy is well above average, able to see, alter, and control even well protected minds.


Quiet, but friendly, Tal N’jork is always eager to help those around him. It is known that on many occasions, Tal brought back those close to death, getting him the reputation of a miracle worker, both in and out of the Order. Not many know of what happened during Tal’s time away from the Order, though those who knew him before hand would have noticed a vast change in his personality. Whatever happened, left the man scarred, both mentally and physically with burns and marks covering his body. Tal was a firm practitioner of Form III, Soresu before the incident. No one has seen him fight in years since his return, or even ignite his blade. Tal N’jork currently resides at the Ilum Temple, as its Master Healer.


300.06 ABY – Tal N’jork is born on Coruscant.

306.15 ABY – Tal N’jork is initiated.

308.02ABY – Tal N’jork is apprenticed to Jaxon Lume.

320.13 ABY – Tal N’jork is granted the rank of Jedi Knight.

326.17 ABY – Tal N’jork disappears from the Jedi Order.

349.04 ABY – Tal N’jork is discovered and brought back to the Order as a Jedi Adept.

351.21 ABY – Tal N’jork is deemed stable and reinstated as a Jedi Knight.

369.06 ABY – Tal N’jork is granted the rank of Jedi Master.