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Tai Oro

High Councilor - Ilum High Councilor

Homeworld: Kamino

Species: Kaminoan


Tai Oro “The Peaceful Warrior”: As a Jedi Battlemaster, Tai is an expert duelist who earned respect due to his vast reservoir of combat experience, which is only complemented by his strong affinity with the Force. While certainly not the last to resort to combat as a means to end conflict, his ability with the blade is offset by his temperate, thoughtful and quiet nature. Despite his focus on martial training, Tai strove to exemplify peace, and believed that all things were so in the Force. This made him a man of unusual wisdom and insight, and one that conveyed an air of serenity at all times.


Tai Oro is born on 300.14 ABY, on Kamino, to Yai and Kya Oro. He is an only child.
Tai Oro is discovered by Jedi Watchman Rora Ulez (Kaminoan) on 310.25 ABY.
Tai Oro is taken to the Ossus Temple on 310.26 ABY.
Tai Oro is initiated on 312.03 ABY.
Tai Oro is apprenticed by Jedi Knight Bava Jak*, Battlemaster of the Ossus Temple, on 315.24 ABY.
Tai Oro is promoted to the rank of Jedi Knight on 326.15 ABY.
Tai Oro takes on Miloz Darcy* on 327.29 ABY.
Miloz Darcy is promoted to the rank of Jeid Knight on 340.19 ABY.
Tai Oro is granted the title of Jedi Master on 341.30 ABY.
Tai Oro transfers to the Ilum branch and is made a Residential Councilor on 346.13 ABY.
Tai Oro is granted a seat on the High Council on 358.30 ABY.

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