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Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Mikkia

Mentor(s): Valgam Freestar

Species: Mikkian


Syriss was born on the secluded planet of Mikkia; a world inhabited by people well known for keeping secrets, and their world from the eyes of foreign visitors. Syriss was born a member of a triplet: one brother; Syrik and one sister; Syrin. Their parents were members of a religious sect made up of Mikkian mystics dedicated to the Force, one of many in fact, as is common on Mikkia. Both parents, however, showed no extraordinary affinity nor prowess in the Force.

Syriss and her siblings led an unnoteworthy life up until their encounter with the Jedi Research team from Dantooine. They attended school, did their chores, celebrated holidays and birthdays, visited the temple at their parents’ behest and studied their religious backgrounds.

It was the three months after their birthday that the Jedi Research Team from Dantooine encountered the triplets. Axers Derin, Cando Molora and Fed-Skelx came to Mikkia to document what they could of the Mikkian people; their biology, their theology, and their history, in order to increase their understanding the Mikkian people and their world, to further add to the Jedi Archives little knowledge of the people. Fortunately, the Jedi were known to the Mikkian people, some of their kind having served in the Order, both in past and present.

Upon meeting with Syriss’ parents for information on their sect; they had bumped into the trio of teens. Syriss was proved to be the calm yet inquisitive one, Syrin proved to be loud and bashful, Syrak proved to be the prankster of the three. The trio of knights in turned noticed a certain interconnectedness between the three, they were able to quickly finish one another’s sentencing without so much a thought, their gestures often leading into one another. The parents did not think much about it, only that they were triplets and as such, expected them to know each other very well.

The trio of Jedi Knight’s requested to test the children, each Jedi Knight took one child aside to speak to them about their experiences growing up. The one common factor they all had was that they could ‘feel’ one another even when distant from one another by a mile. They could feel each others’ joy and sadness but thought nothing of it.

It was with this that the Jedi offered to return the children to the Order for further testing, with the permission of the parents. The parents agreed, and that upon the conclusion of the three’s studies on Mikkia, they’d allow their children to venture to Dantooine. The decision was made easier with the peace of mind, that they would avoid losing their children to kidnappers, which had grown quite common in recent times.

With the conclusion of the Jedi Knights’ studies and data collection, the three would travel back to Dantooine with the triplets. Upon further testing, they were initiated into the Order. While the bond between the three was incredibly strong, one councilor vouched they be trained apart, finding while the bond would prove useful, it could also prove detrimental. As such Syrak was transferred to Ossus and Syriss to Rannon.