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Syphix Selmur

Syphix Selmur
Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Glee Anselm

Mentor(s): Phoe Nhix

Species: Nautolan


Skilled and steady, Syphix Selmur represent the Jedi Knights in all of its might and abilities to fend off evil with their dreaded, while elegant, lightsaber. Though young, Selmur shows great promises in the path of the Jedi.


Syphix Selmur was born Glee Anselm, a peaceful water planet in the Mid Rim. The planet was also known home to two species The Nautolans and the Anselmis. The Nautolans and the Anselmis had many conflicts involving territory encroachment and waste disposal.

Syphix Selmur was raised by his mother and father. Cyris Selmur was his father and his mother was Zarith. One day Syphix and his friend Nexlan were exploring the land on Glee Anselm, but they weren’t quite sure where they were heading. After a long while of walking into unknown territory they had realized they were in Anselmi territory, but it was too late. They were noticed in a matter of seconds, Syphix and Nexlan attempted to run, but they had no idea where they were going and went even deeper into the Anselmi territory. Soon enough Syphix’s and Nexlan’s small bodies were exhausted and they could no longer attempt to flee.

The Anselmis took both of the young boys to their village and had the intentions to murder both Nexlan and Syphix. They tortured the poor boys for almost half an hour until one of the men took out a sharp curved blade and stabbed Nexlan. Syphix closed his eyes in horror of the screams of his best friend. He opened his eyes to see that Nexlan had bled to death. The man that had stabbed Nexlan made his way to Syphix. Syphix cringed as the man slowly made along flesh ripping cut down his face. The mark of the Anselmi man still remains to this day on Syphix’s face. The Anselmi man drew his hand back for a killing blow but suddenly stopped. Syphix’s father and mother moved forward toward Syphix and the Anselmi torturers moved away slowly. This left room for his mother and father to get to him. As Syphix’s father untied him, he spoke quickly and firmly. “Run away from here Syphix, get as far as you can, leave Glee Anselm. Don’t argue why I’m sorry but you must go. Glee Anselm has become much too dangerous. Go my son and be safe.” Syphix slowly nodded and fled in the direction his parents had come as fast as he could. Syphix ran until he reached a small trading outpost and stowed away on a Droid Storage and Maintenance ship. And as quickly as he boarded, the ship was off Glee Anselm, never to return again.

Syphix fell asleep aboard the freighter and when he woke up he felt the ship Surge out of hyperspace. He snuck outside to find his destination was Yavin IV. In fear of being discovered Syphix felt it was best to stay here and not try to stay on any longer. Syphix soon enough came upon a huge temple. He entered the temple where he discovered many people, Jedi in training, species of all sorts and even Nautolans. Syphix looked around and saw kids his age about the temple. A Jedi Knight by the name Phoe Nhix greeted Syphix, He was wondering where he was so he asked Knight Phoe Nhix. Phoe responded “This is a Jedi Temple where we study in The Force and Saber Arts.” Syphix did not know what a Jedi was nor The Force. Syphix had stayed around the Temple and met a Bothan by the name of Torrak Ulsi’Vey he also learned a lot about The Force. After many years of being around the Jedi Academy and learning the ways of The Force Syphix had finally got accepted into The Order along side Ty Ran.

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