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Sulla Aenecs

Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Dantooine

Species: Chagrian


Sulla Aenecs was born in 361 ABY on the planet of Dantooine. His birth was nerve-wracking for his parents, the doctors told he may not make it as a new-born. Despite the fears, the beautiful yet slightly small new-born was given the name ‘Sulla’ by his parents, meaning ‘the Strong’ in their native Chagri tongue. Despite this, Sulla grew up with a small stature, small Lethorns and small horns. Much unlike his monstrously-sized Father who towered over even the tallest of men, he was shunned, and his more sizable brothers were preferred and shown more affection by their father. While his brothers did not make fun of Sulla, he often preferred the company of his mother.

A childhood on Dantooine is a beautiful one, and Sulla found an appreciation and love for nature and adventuring the vast swathes of grassland, forests and hilly terrain of the planet. His schoolwork was mediocre, and Sulla spent most of his time learning to paint and draw, which he did in bright and beautiful paintings that detailed the grasslands of his home, though often not as detailed as he would have liked.

This life continued until the age of ten, where he was brought into the Jedi Order on Dantooine as an Initiate. Immediately, his small size was made fun of by his fellow students, as was his lack of apparent skills. Sulla was useless with a Lightsaber, troubled with the Force, and lacked any semblance of skill in any other trade or profession of the Jedi. Initially, many Knights even questioned his Force Sensitivity when it took him an exceptionally long amount of time to simply Meditate.

The boy, Sulla, lost a serious degree in confidence when Knights would attempt to help him, and they would label him as ‘deconstructive’ when it would seem to them that he was purposefully failing or misunderstanding. Due to the lack of danger, many students considered it a point of fun, going along with the jokes made. While the jokes were not especially cruel, they underpinned a lack of confidence within Sulla during his early years of being an Initiate.

Despite the apparent uselessness of Sulla as an Initiate, he was taken on by a Mentor surprisingly quickly. The Dantooine Councilor, Master Iian Kenz, both terrified and awed Sulla, but when he was assigned as his Padawan, at the Councilor’s request, Sulla did not know what to think. The Councilor Iian Kenz was an odd, untemperamental man that dealt with all matters with the equal degree of sincerity and cold collectiveness you would expect from a Jedi Master. Though relatively young for a Jedi Master, his bald spotted head made the young and small Sulla even more worried to fail the seemingly-powerful and well-respected Master.

Despite this worry, Sulla’s skills and confidence improved dramatically under the tutelage of Master Iian Kenz. Sulla’s progression was slow but steady, he became a slightly more capable duellist but his aptitude with the Force drastically grew, and he even found a place in the society of Sages in the Dantooine temple. Sulla’s size even began to drastically increase, and his body grew beyond the average size. However, all of this came to a drastic halt on one of Sulla’s assignments with his Master, Iian Kenz. Sulla was busy discussing the assignment with a Republic agent while his Master was in heated discussions with another vile clan of Trandoshans that they were there to deal with. By the time the heated discussions had turned red hot, it was already too late for Sulla to help his Master. He had been mauled and taken by surprise by the ‘Black Fangs’, one of the deadliest Trandoshan mercenary groups in the Outer Rim.

Sulla grieved as Padawans do, but later asked for a transfer from the Dantooine enclave, not wishing to spend more time there, but continue his Jedi training.