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Sulfr Ra’gnulf

Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Uvena Prime

Species: Shistavanen


Born on Uvena Prime on 372ABY, Sulfr was a young cub to a pair of prominent hunters in a well known local pack. His very first years consisted of following around his father and picking up his tracking and hunting skills. Over time Sulfr was noticed for his speed and tracking skills, becoming a critical component to the hunting pack. The Pack Master noticed these skills and to develop his potential leadership, he tasked Sulfr with managing the cubs in his generation.

Sulfr did this for a few years, earning leadership skills and alpha qualities which he was clearly being groomed for. However, on 378ABY a strange man in a cloak visited the pack, requesting a meeting with the Pack Master. Sulfr was called forward to speak to the man in brown cloaks. It was concluded that Sulfr was force-sensitive. Humbled, the Pack Master declared that Sulfr should pursue the path he is presented with. His parents bid him farewell at the age of 6 as he departed with the man; bound for the Ossus Temple.

Throughout his training, Sulfr refined his skills with a lightsaber and sensory gifts. He took up classes which developed his skills with tech and athletic focuses. Under the guidance of his Master he journeyed on assignments throughout the outer rim, investigating gang activity and tracking wanted fugitives on behalf of local authorities. This is where Sulfr proved his skills to the Council. On 393ABY Sulfr was brought forward by the Council and granted the rank of Jedi Knight.

For the next five years Sulfr would journey through the galaxy, assisting local authorities and completing cases that baffled the investigative services. On 397ABY Sulfr made the decision to transfer to a more remote Temple to further provide assistance in the outer rim. Sulfr made his way to the Alzoc Enclave.