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Homeworld: Ryloth

Species: Twi'lek


Srus’ life was very rough. In the underground cities on Ryloth, females were seen as a easy target by slave traders. Srus’ mother died straight after labour. Her dad was killed when she was around five for unknown reasons. The lack of income and lack of housing caused Srus’ older sister Can’Fevim, aged nineteen, to get the job of a dancer at a club where many races met.

Due to Can being a dancer she met a lot of other dancers. They used to go out a lot, one day Can needed to pop home to check Srus was okay where she when she went out. As Can got home Srus started telling her of a weird dream, beams of lights hitting each other, blues and reds, as she explained it, it became a bit clearer, showing images of swords of light, hitting one another. Can ignored this due to it being just a dream, but as she got outside she noticed ten or so men with guns outside, aiming them at the Twi’Leks.

Can screamed as she was pulled into the group of girls. Srus heard this and ran outside as saw this, a man aimed the gun and her, Srus screamed and was pulled into the group too, with a gun pointed at them both. Suddenly Can punched the gun out of a slaver’s hands, the rest of the men aimed at her, and shot, killing her point blank. A man in a cloak, quickly jumped into action, releasing his robe, showing him grabbing a handle of sorts, suddenly as he pulled it out, a noise was created as a massive blue light came out of the handle, he quickly attempted to disarm the men, the ones that wouldn’t get disarmed would be killed.

At the end of this ordeal, when the men were dealt with. He explained to the girls that they were safe now and that the men will be dealt with sufficiently, he then came to Srus who were scared, crying and shaking due to her sister’s. The male explained that she was safe now and that he wish he could have saved her sister, Can. She then went on to talk about how she had dreamt about the ‘sword’ he had. He explained that it were a lightsaber, a weapon. He talked about how the dream was a sign for her to study at a temple. He explained about the temple, how it taught a group called ‘Jedi’, he said that she could go there, though she did not understand much of what he said due to her not knowing much Galactic Basic. All she understood is that she should go to a temple. Knowing she didn’t have a home and any money, she chose to go.