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Spera Elusido

Spera Elusido
Jedi Knight - Former Voice Councilor

Homeworld: Naboo

Mentor(s): None

Species: Human

Padawan(s): Dymon Quintus, Lynee'alin, Ryrek Flavius, Aslyn Denethorn


Clever and wise, Spera Elusido is one remarkable Jedi Knight. Arnesting the full power of the Force, without dulling himself into complancy, he is indeed a reliable figure among the Order.


Spera was born and raised in the mighty city of Theed, on the planet Naboo. The rolling countrysides, towering mountains and majestic waterfalls made living here a paradise for anyone who loved peace and quiet…outside of the city walls, at least!

Spera was son to Fides Elusido, a freelance pilot who’s job took him across the galaxy, and thus was rarely present during Speras childhood, and Orsa Elusido, a skilled tailoress, devoted her life to her husband and child. Spera had no siblings, nor family that resided on Naboo, and thus had a very sheltered early childhood.

At age 4, Spera was given his first lightsaber. His father had found the strange looking object while grounded for repairs apon the forest planet of Yavin IV. The lightsabers crystal had long been removed, the lens scratched and eroded with time, and the hilt was scared with cracks and dirt…however, the basic frame remained, and the insides of the device, clearly visable due to the excess damage, had a strange purple tint, possibly caused by the high radiation emitted from the former blades crystal. Spera always kept the lightsaber close, sadly it soon became little more than a momento of his late father. Accepting a cargo mission in the outer rim, Fides left Spera aged only 5 and a half, never to return, disappearing into the vastness of space. Few facts have ever come to light about Fides death, as the ship he was piloting was never recovered, but most involved believe it to have been the work of rogue pirates.

Devistated by the death of her husband, but more-so concerned about the future of her son, Orsa gained employment as a taioress, assisting the manager of a small store in central Theed. Spera, too young to fully understand the death of his father, took to isolation, not associating with children his age for many years, and prefering to spend time with his mother, or indeed, himself.

It was around the time Spera turned 7 years old, that he learned of his unique abilities with the force. At this early stage, it was extreamly subtle…such as having strange premonitions before major events in his life, or being unusually dexterious for his age….however, he was far too young to understand what it all meant. Little more happened in Speras life for quite some time, as his mother struggled to keep an income to support herself and Spera. Aged 11 though, Spera began to work at the local shuttleport, cleaning and doing other odd-jobs that where required of him. Under this small income, Spera and his mother where able to live without too many worrys, and life passed them both by without a notice.

Aged 15, however, Spera discovered the teachings of the Jedi Order. Compleatly by chance, Spera came across such material while studying in one Theeds great librarys. He became increasingly interested in Jedi, and occasionally longed for a life that he deemed exciting and interesting – that of a Jedi. In hopes of someday reaching this goal, Spera began to attune his force sensativity, using the vague teachings illustrated in the few books he could find on the subject. He trained every day, still shying away from making friends, despite his age. For hours on end, he would attempt to meditate, and hone his sences. As he trained harder, he become more and more serious about becomming a Jedi, constantly seeking more information on the subject and learning as much as he could. It was then that he discovered the whereabouts of the JEDI Temple, after a chance encounter with a young hopefull that was traveling through Theed on his way there. Spera now had a materialised dream, and his mind was already set on seeking out the temple.

His mother deeply disapproved of this path, as she saw the Jedi as a cult of sorts. However, Speras mindset was too hard to break, and he soon departed Theed in search of the temple, leaving his family behind. Spera arrived at the temple, and was granted refuge. Seeking to impress the Jedi Masters Axem and Shimi, he upped his workload of training, working day and night on his few force capabilities, while observing those of refined Jedi Knights. Aged 17, his hard work paid off, as he was accepted into the JEDI Temple as a padawan.

Training for many years, Spera grew more and more attuned to the force. Although masterless, Spera trained under the influences of the great Jedi that graced the temple. Aspiring to the great Masters, Spera forged his resolve to stay true to the Jedi Code, and strived the help the temple in any way he could. Also, for the first time, Spera began to sustain friendships with fellow Jedi. Training under these conditions sparked Spera unbreakable will to learn and do whatever was needed of him to attain his goals.

Now aged 22, Speras long years of dedication where formally acknowledged, as he was given the title of Jedi Knight. He had now forfilled the destiny he had dreamed of as a child, and sought about constantly improving as a Jedi. It was now that he felt the time was right to recraft the lightsaber he was given by his father. Spera traveled to Hurikane, a strange rock-covered planet in wild space, and recovered a rare ‘Hurrikaine’ Crystal from one of the planets deep and vast canyons. The old inhabitants of this planet seemed to have either become extinct, or had found a new home among the stars, which made it a lesser feat than the Legendary Jedi Master Mace Windu, who had traveled there hundreds of years before. He returned to the Jedi Temple and used the crystal to build his new lightsaber, barring a sharply-fluorescent purple blade. He also bore new robes, lighter than those previous.

Three years after his knighthood, aged 25, Spera was appionted to the Voice Council. Now with a seat within the council, Spera saw new oppertunities to help the growth of the Jedi Temple, and continued to give all that he could to it. Taking Dymon Quitus as his Padawan, Spera also began trying to set his mindset of undvided resolve and faith to the next generation of Jedi.

This, however, was short lived. Less than a year passed before Dymons infamous fall to the Dark Side. Allowing his lust for power overthrow rational thought, Dymon attempted to slay Jedi Masters Axem and Raulos, as well as former Jedi Knight Arkallon. At this time, Spera was posted off-world, overseeing a pirate attack on the Rimma Trade Route. With no other option, Jedi Master Raulos was forced to slay Dymon, and cut his fall short.

Spera, full of guilt and confusion, left the temple shortly after the accident. Putting himself into exile, Spera returned to Naboo. For months, he kept a low profile, and resided in a small abonded hut on the outskirts of the mighty city of Theed. Here, he led a quiet and lonely life, not allowing nor wanting company. It was the resolve that aided his training so, that eventually became too much. He left Naboo, to return to the Jedi temple.

Now 29 years old, Spera approached the Jedi Council, and was re-instated as a Jedi Knight of the order. From this time, Spera began working on a new Lightsaber Form, Senbonzakura. He had considered the concept in his exile, but only around the collective wisedom of the Jedi Temple could it truely flourish. Starting work on it’s basic concepts, Spera gave himself a timescale of 10 years to master the form.

Turning 30, Spera took up a new padawan. Ryrek Flavius, an initiate for over 2 years, became his Padawan Learner. Almost immediatly, Spera conducted the Concordance of Fealty with young Ryrek, passing on his green-bladed lightsaber, the fight lightsaber he had constructed as a Jedi.

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