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Spatch Vrost


Homeworld: Nar Shaddaa

Species: Human


Growing up on the smugglers moon is no easy task. There’s a set of rules needed to be followed if one wishes to make it to adulthood. Never stay out too long, Never stay out too late, Never stay out alone. Spatch was lucky enough to be born in one of the nicer neighbourhods. There were more families there and the school was close. He grew up with his younger brother, a loving mother and a cool father, and a nice life it would be if his parents weren’t constantly fighting… His mother was too careless and his father too paranoid, and as such they’d get in constant fights. Many a night Spatch spent comforting his brother, Datch, to fall asleep while Joshua and Margaret would yell at eachother in the room next door. Soon Spatch started manifesting force abilities… exceeding at the “choose the answer” type of tests, knowing some things before they happened, objects sometimes floated while he was asleep… and Margaret noticed this.
She fought with Joshua, pleaded him to send Spatch to a Jedi academy, away from this life, away from Nar Shaddaa…
But he didnt wana hear about it, “we need to stick together” he said.
So one night, in a silent dead hour, Margaret sneaks into the boys bedroom:
Margaret: Spatch, wake up…
Spatch: Mom ? Whats going on ?
M: Come, my sweet boy, you need to go.
He notices her eyes are tearing up…
S: Mom, Whats wrong !
She covers the boy with a big blue jacked, presumably his fathers, and takes his hand, leading him to the front door.
She then kneels in front of him and looks him in the eyes.
M: Listen, my sweet angel. You’re about to go away on an epic journey, away from this hell, away from this life. You’ll meet new friends, see new places and i want you to have fun while doing that… and i want you to forget about this place, forget about this life and forget about us, we’ll be fine. Your father will protect us… the sooner you forget about us the better. Now i want you to go forward in life and not to look back.
S: mom ?
She then opens the door and a tall robed man was standing there, his face concealed but it was apparent that it was a Nautolan.
M: That’s him, take him and go.
She pushes Spatch outside and locks the door behind him. The Nautolan takes his hand and they walk away. Spatch looks back towards his homes door one last time, then still quite sleepy follows the Nautolan without a question asked.