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Sorvali Solusar


Homeworld: Kesh

Species: Keshiri



Across the Endless Sea
Long-awaited harbor leads
To every distant dream

–Ancient Keshiri poem, Attribution unknown.

Sorvali Solusar was born in 428 ABY on the eastern shore of Keshtah, near the city of Telmath, as the fourth child in her family. Despite the nearby wealth from the city, not much of this money trickled its way into her small community. Her father made his way as a fisherman, while her mother toiled as a seamstress, and she was expected from a young age to help out with many chores to ensure the family’s survival.

At the age of five, Sorvali entered the village school, studying her lessons by day, and helping her mother at home alongside her older siblings. It was altogether a humble life. Many Keshiri children passed their youth much like Sorvali, staring out into the expanses of the Endless Sea, wondering what their life might be. While the Keshiri people had advanced much since the olden days when they were subjugated by the Sith, for many, the capital Tahv was as far as they would ever stray in their lives. A life off-world remained but a distant dream.

A couple years later, Sorvali and her best friend, Tefia, were walking along the sandy dunes by the beach. They treaded carefully along the rocks of the shore, chatting happily and playing games, as young children are apt to do. Sorvali always had a bit of a daring streak. Spotting a particularly large and pointy rock in the depths of the cove, she urged her friend to explore a bit further. It was not an area of the beach that her parents would have normally allowed her to go – but school had let out early and she wasn’t expected home for another hour. Plenty of time for an adventure. What was life without a few risks? And soon any worries were forgotten as the two girls raced each other along the rocky shallows, grappling and clawing at the stone, laughing and teasing each other.

Just as they got out to the boulder, Sorvali turned around in triumph, pivoting on her heel. She knew she had won the race! But this elation lasted only a moment felt herself slip backwards on the wet stone. After what seemed like falling for the longest moment, the icy cold water gripped her body, and she plunged into its depths.

For a seven year old, Sorvali was a fairly good swimmer, but she felt panic rise into her throat as the strong tide gripped her and pulled her away from Tefia. By the time Tefia even noticed her friend was gone, it was too late for anything to be done.

Sorvali got pulled along for several minutes. She flailed and struggled against the current. Just when her strength was failing, she felt herself smash into hard rock, waters still swirling around her, and she passed out.

She awoke some time later, but was surprised to find herself in a bed. She could hardly remember what had happened. A matronly woman, noticing she was awake, soon brought in her family, as well as a stranger – a female Zabrak she couldn’t recall ever seeing before. Travelers occasionally came through the villages, but even so, outsiders were relatively rare outside of the big cities.

It was explained to Sorvali that she had been missing for nearly a day. A Jedi diplomat had been nearby on an unrelated matter, helping to resolve a conflict with a religious cult who had been responsible for a number of disturbances and had attracted the attention of the provincial authorities. The news of Sorvali’s disappearance spread quickly and soon reached the Jedi’s ears, and she diverted her attention briefly to help with the rescue effort.

The Jedi’s aid greatly hastened the search, and Sorvali was located within only a few further hours. She had been knocked unconscious by the waves and rocks while being thrown about in the sea, but had washed up in a small cave protected from the wind. Weakened, but still miraculously alive, she was taken back to hospital in Telmath.

Sorvali was expecting a lecture and to be punished for her carelessness, but to her surprise, her parents only had tears in their eyes upon seeing her. However, these tears carried not just the joy of their daughter’s rescue, but the weight of a burdensome decision they had just made. For when the Jedi Knight had rescued Sorvali, the Knight was astonished by her survival, and trusting her instincts, had Sorvali tested for Force sensitivity. When the test came out positive, given her age, the Knight had requested her parents to release her to the Jedi Order for the appropriate training.

Though Sorvali was their precious youngest daughter, it was almost universally understood that the prospects for a better life were relatively limited for most Keshiri with her upbringing. And if she had special abilities, few local teachers would be able to give proper guidance. Her parents had thus agreed to send her away with the Jedi to receive a full education.

Within a cycle, Sorvali had fully recovered, and the Zabrak Jedi had finished her diplomatic business in the area. Sorvali packed only a few essential belongings and was allowed only a brief goodbye with her parents and siblings. Upon communication with the nearest Jedi watchman, the Knight informed Sorvali that she was to be taken to the Rannon Praxeum for further evaluation. Without much further fanfare, they departed Kesh, and Sorvali was passed off between multiple ships en route to the Rannon system.

Sorvali felt lonely and afraid, sitting alone in her small quarters on the transport. Everything had happened so fast, and now she was being shipped off to a new life. However, the Knight had also told her about all the amazing things she could learn to do as a Jedi, as well as the friends she could make. Sorvali had always wanted to see more of the galaxy, and she was no longer confined to a life in her fishing village, trapped between sea and stars. It was to be the start of a new adventure.