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Soran Rex


Homeworld: Dathomir

Species: Zabrak


Soran began his life on 339.15, born on the homeworld of Dathomir. He was discovered by a Jedi on a transport ship traveling to the temple on Ossus. The ship landed for immediate repairs at a local shipyard, which was damaged in a hyperspace jump.

While in waiting, the Jedi spotted young Soran cleaning the floors, away from the group of children. The Jedi observed Sorans’ patience, and intrigued the Jedi enough to approach the child. Immediately the Jedi could detect an usual aura about him. After the Jedi had a small conversation with Soran, he left him to continue his cleaning.

The Jedi sought Sorans’ parents and discussed with them what his purpose was; a potential candidate for the Order. After agreeing with the Jedi, the child was taken on board the transport ship, and back to the Temple of Ossus. It was at the Temple that the boy was tested to become a student in training.

For many moons the child waited patiently; studying, training, and conversing with the populace. One day the Council of Ossus summoned the child to their chambers, where he would be acknowledged as a Jedi Initiate of the Order. His status of Jedi Initiate of Ossus, however, was temporary. With orders to be transferred to the Temple of Rannon, the child only spent a brief time on Ossus to learn the arts of the Jedi. On 347.20, the child was placed aboard a transport ship bound for the Praxeum system, where he would await the orders of the Council of Rannon.