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Homeworld: Trandosha

Species: Trandoshan


Born on the planet Trandosha, located in the Kashyyyk System, within the Mytaranor Sector of the Mid Rim, born to two well known hunters in the Capital of Hsskhor.
His parents would usually leave Skrassk in the care of a neighbor when offworld hunting, they would usually come back and share stories of their adventures to earn more and more Jagannath Points to appease the great ‘Scorekeeper’, the Trandoshan Goddess.
Practically raised by the neighbor Skrassk grew close to her, forming a strong bond of friendship with his carer as he began to reach the age of three, one day however, his father returned home alone, covered in blood, they had been fighting wookiees, and the wookiees had won, with his mother being killed in the fighting, despite the lack of time Skrassk had spent with his mother this had a huge impact on him, and it wasn’t till the age of seven that it became clear how his mothers death had impacted.
He expressed a distaste for the Trandoshan hunters way of life, stating that hunting animals and people for points and glory was wrong, his father snapped taking Skrassk and locking him in a cage to be sold into slavery, he never got the chance for his son was rescued during a wookiee raid on the village in which they now lived in an attempt to get revenge for his father killing their Chieftain, his father fled and the boy adopted by a female wookiee who had found him locked away.
A year passed and Skrassk came to like his new way of life with the wookiees, but one day, a Wookiee Jedi Master appeared, and before Skrassk knew it, he was on Coruscant and then on a ship to Alzoc III, where he would either become a Jedi, or return to his wookiee family.