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Sivara Upalia


Homeworld: Typha-Dor

Species: Mirialan


Sivara is a member of one of Typha-Dor’s elite merchant-aristocrat families which plays a part in managing the political and economic proceedings of the planet. The Upalians are a smaller and more recent offshoot of the larger and more influential Pashans, and thus support the Pashan dynasty in their political and corporate ambitions. The Upalians are founders and owners of UpalTech, a medical research conglomerative entity which has secured licenses from New Republic interest groups to uncover more efficient and effective first aid delivery means and make improvements to medical droids used both in civilian and military sectors.

This, however, was of no consolation to the young Sivara, who had lived a life of comfort and security with her immediate family, who comprise one of the more insignificant branches of an insignificant noble house. Sivara was primarily concerned with finding windows of time in between her numerous lessons in etiquette, mathematics, history, and grammar to have fun. At times she would evade her private tutors and hide deep within the foliage of her family’s garden to read stories on her datapad, only popping out from her hiding spot when her father or mother was summoned back to the estate to scold her out of hiding. She had a sheltered upbringing, and perhaps even received a little too leniency from her mother and father. This all would inevitably change, however.

A group of Jedi passed through the Sertar sector on the lookout for prospective hopefuls, making a stop in the Uziel system to search on Vanqor, Typha-Dor, and the string of lunar colonies the two planetary governments in the system consistently clash and bicker over. The Typha-Dori, eager to have one of their own be admitted into the Order for the sake of prestige, urge the noble families to have their youth be tested by the Jedi scouts to determine if any may be eligible for training. Dozens of young aristocrats arrived with their parents, and the Jedi found their patience tested as hours upon hours were spent thoroughly evaluating each prospective hopeful’s potential. Children from families both large and small, powerful and weak, wealth and (relatively) poor waited in line for the better part of a day to have their chance to shine before a collection of sage and learned Jedi. Of all the children to be tested, Sirava of House Upalia was the only one who showed any potential.

This resulted in the aristocracy’s favor being immediately casted upon the Upalians and the jealousy of their rivals to only grow more bitter. Sirava’s mother and father wasted no time in handing her over to the custody of the Jedi Order and have her transported off-world to Ossus, almost as though they feared the Jedi may change their mind. Nevertheless, the Jedi never brought her back to Typha-Dor, and once she arrived on Ossus, she was further evaluated and properly initiated into the Jedi Order. However, as some time passed, it soon became clear that Sivara was stubborn and difficult to work with, and was a very poor fit for Ossus’ disciplined educational regimen. In light of this, several trainers at the Ossus temple concluded that a transfer to a more liberal branch of the Jedi Order would suit the young intiaite well, and thus she was sent to Rannon in the hopes that they may be able to help her better adapt to the life of a Jedi.