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Simus Cnydaria

Simus Cnydaria
Jedi Master

Homeworld: Nar Shaddaa

Mentor(s): Aayla Vigil

Species: Human

Padawan(s): Baelin Raddyx, Serra Kolzen, Alaki Leed, Zuri Lyn, Isane Fenris, Saburine Eldahna


“Simus is a good hearted man who sets all his effort in anything he does. Through his determination he manages to succeed where many wouldn’t.” – Aayla Vigil

Simus is also very skilled in diplomacy the art of “mind tricks” as consequence of his dedication and strenuous training under some of the most renown masters of this ability.


Simus Cnydaria was born on the planet of Nar Shadaa on 245.05 ABY. His father, Leonard Cnydaria was the owner of a highly successful chain of hotels and casinos on the planet.

Like many on Nar Shadaa, Leonard had grown up very poor. It was his dream to ascend the ranks of high society on the planet, build a successful business empire, and one day pass that empire onto a son. With the birth of Simus, Leonard began to see his dream coming to fruition.

Grooming Simus to run the business when he came of age, he treated his young son like a partner. Simus was raised to be diplomatic, political, and have great manners. The young boy grew up among Senators, Crime Lords and other influential figures in the galaxy.

One day, one of Leonard’s business associates offered to teach the 8 year old Simus cards. He found himself amazed at Simus’ instincts. The young boy had a supernatural streak of beginners luck. When asked about it, Simus declared that he could almost feel what the next card was going to be before he flipped it. Intrigued, the associate told Leonard about the experience and recommended he speak to a Jedi friend of his to have Simus tested for Force sensitivity.

A local watchman came Cnydaria manor and tested Simus’ blood where he found an elevated level of midichlorians. The Jedi recommended Simus be taken in for training by the Jedi Order. Seeing the tremendous business opportunity having a Jedi in the family posed, Leonard agreed.

Simus was whisked away to the Dac enclave where he was initiated on 257.15 ABY by his future mentor, Master Corinth Alkorda.

Early in his training, Simus struggled with lightsaber arts and sustained telekinesis. Though he studied and worked hard, a posh life style made Simus struggle with physical training and a hesitancy of his powers caused him to hold himself back in the realm of Force abilities.

Simus was still an eager learner. He made friends, participated in class, and soon became close to a new young knight, Aayla Vigil. Seeing Simus’ potential, she requested him as her padawan, and on 263.06 Padawan Cnydaria began learning under Master Vigil.

Simus learned quickly under the care of Master Vigil. A master of meditation, Master Vigil worked on the basics of Force fluency with Simus. He spent much time in meditation and learned to feel the flow of the Force almost as if it was an extension of himself.

Growing up in the poshness of his father’s wealth, Simus was out of shape and often struggled with lightsaber arts. Upon entering his teenage years, his body began to change. Taking advantage of this time in his life, Master Vigil refocused his training on lightsaber arts and physical strength. Throughout his teenage years, he learned the various forms of lightsaber combat and mastered the three primary combat stances.

In 265 ABY, the once small boy who could hardly hold a lightsaber showed his advances in both his inner and out strength by placing in the semifinal round of the first Yavin IV Student Lightsaber Tournament. This tournament was significant to his life because it gave him lessons in hard work, sportsmanship, and respect for the other students.

As time went on, Master Vigil ascended to the Council and became a master of Force Sense, passing on her knowledge to Simus. This training became essential for how Simus developed his abilities over time.

Another influential person in Simus life was fellow padawan, Sasha Raven. Sasha, the student of Master Corinth Alkorda, was a firecracker who was obsessed with becoming the best she could be. The two of them shared a strong bond and Sasha’s intensity pushed Simus to train harder and become a more venerable Jedi. She also convinced him to stop being so hesitant about his powers and freed him up to be who the Force wanted him to be.

Adopting Sasha’s desire to be the best, with the permission of his Master, Simus sought out all the top Jedi in their fields to enhance his training. Renowned duelist Master Jamus Kevari gave Simus personal tutoring on lightsaber combat. Corinth Alkorda, a master of mental manipulation, taught Simus the art of mind trick and Force cloak, two of Simus’ most favored abilities to this day. Padawan Cnydaria became insatiably hungry for knowledge, getting it wherever he could.

As he came of age, this once insecure boy grew to become a great student and respected by his peers. In time he grew to complete his lightsaber, complete his trials and ascended to the rank of Knight on 274.25.

As a Knight Simus continued to train obsessively, never feeling fully secure in his powers, sensing a great danger loomed in the near future. His fears were vindicated when the Mandalorians declared war on the Jedi Order and invaded the temple of Yavin IV, where Simus and his friends resided.

Having lost his home and friend in Jedi Knight Nivek Tholmai (who was slain by Mandalore during the invasion) Simus felt a call to arms and left with many of his brothers to fight the Mandalorians and Chiss during the Attrition Wars. Commissioned as a field commander, he and his partner Sasha Raven fought in many battles across the galaxy, including the notable Battle of Mon Calamari.

On 280.11 Simus took Baelin Raddyx to be his first Padawan. Baelin was a goofy young boy, but with a heart of gold and a sharp mind. Simus worked to mold Baelin and when he was ready, he joined Simus and Sasha in the war effort. Their most notable achievement was boarding the Chiss Ascendancy Capital Ship “Thrawn’s Renown” and capturing Grand Admiral Bri’jien’nuruodo, the Savior of the Ascendancy.

Baelin grew to be a great Jedi and completed many of his trials, but grew arrogant about his abilities and rebellious. With an unwillingness to conform to the character required of a Jedi Knight, Padawan Raddyx was released on his apprenticeship under Master Cnydaria and was sent to the Agricorps where he resides today.

Heartbroken over his failed padawan, it would be decades before Simus took on another apprentice.

At the close of the war, Simus became obsessed with the Dark Side, as his life had greatly been affected by the invasion of Darth Rishi as well as the ex-Jedi Chiss Commander Eseleno and began to study the Dark Side deeply in order to understand it and learn the art of defending against it.

At the conclusion of his studies he was approached by Master Shin-Tarro, head of the Jedi Shadow on Coruscant who offered him an apprenticeship. Master Alkorda, the re-founder of the Shadow as a young knight was looking towards retirement, and had recommended Simus to Shin-Tarro as a replacement. As a Knight Simus entered a second apprenticeship with the Shadow and left his enclave on Alzoc III for a period of 20 years to do field work with the Shadow. He mastered the art of mind trick and cloaking that Corinth taught him and used his sensing skills taught to him by Aayla to become a renowned tracker. Master Shin-tarro helped him refine his skills of investigations to make him a venerable hunter of Dark Jedi and artifacts of the Sith.

Now a much older man, Simus returned to his family on Alzoc III, saddened to see many faces gone but overjoyed to meet the new ones. He experimented with retirement, no longer seeking travels in the galaxy or adventure. Rather his goal was to stay at the temple, work with students, and perhaps taking on another padawan.

Though he would occasionally consult for the Shadow for the most part he remained stagnant, even growing a little out of shape as he sought solitude and peace on Alzoc. He went on to train several padawans: Serra Kolzen, Zuri Lyn, Alaki Leed, and Saburine Eldahna.

On 328.07 Simus’ lifetime of hard work and achievements were recognized by the Circle of Master as they welcomed Simus into their ranks as a Jedi Master.

Now in the twilight of his life, Simus works on training his two most padawans. He has also been named Branch Ambassador and serves as the chief diplomat of the Yavin IV enclave. Though he jests about his age and retiring, old habits die hard as the old Jedi Master still remains very active in the field.