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Silene Astra-Oniron

Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Morgania

Mentor(s): Shu Ra, Tharon Jivler

Species: Morganian/Nagai


Silene Astra-Oniron is a six-year-old child who enjoys singing, chatting and laughing.

Born on Morgania the 382.28 ABY, she spent her prime youth on the planet, traveling with her family tribe and enjoying the local culture. Raised by her aunts and uncles, she is cheerful and audacious, but can also be very naive and a bit emotive. Her character brought her in a dangerous situation in her fifth year, climbing with her sister, Lithriel, on a common Tauh tree they both suddenly heard a scream in the Force that surprised and made her lose her grip of the trunk.
She fell, wearing nothing more than a light tunic, nothing but the thick jungle vegetation absorbed the shock resulting in her breaking her neck.
She survived though and was brought to the local “deep gove” to be healed. The healthgivers saved Silene but at the cost of her neck being restrained in a splint.

Physically, Silene is in good shape now. She is a bit taller than the average morganian for her age with pale skin, auburn hair and blue eyes.
After the incident and her recovery Silene’s aunt, Luna, resigned that it was time to present the childs to the Jedi.
Barely able to speak basic they were tested on Ossus where only Silene were selected to become a Jedi. It was decided that for her own good she should be sent away from her, still trapped in a mind prison, father. Though, choice was given to her and she choose to go to Rannon.
It is with a heavy and anxious heart, that she left, leaving behind her family and homeworld.