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Silas Vir’n

Silas Vir’n
Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Dantooine

Mentor(s): Arven Silaan

Species: Human

Padawan(s): Maia Rimora, Galen Sol


Silas has focused the majority of his training in refining his telekinetic abilities. He has a balanced strength in both sustained and burst telekinesis which allows him the versatility not granted by his restrictive human biology. Through further development and with a firm understanding of environmental physics, Silas has also developed the capability in altering his environment through means of manipulating molecules. This grants the capability to start a fire or even freeze an object from a reasonable distance. He is also highly empathic, a trait which has developed alongside training into the ability to feel others emotions, and also manipulate them accordingly. During the development of these abilities, Silas has also established a strong mental defense.


Through immense training in the Force, Silas is an extremely capable Force user; far out-weighing his skills with a lightsaber. This allows Silas to remain a capable Jedi even without a lightsaber; and an extremely dangerous opponent to those who disarm him.

Silas is also a Matukai Adept, after having trained as apprentice to Matukai Adept and Jedi Master Arven Silaan during his Padawanhood. He has engraved and given himself the official tattoos and holds the knowledge and practices of the Matukai that were passed down to him.


Born on 310.6 on his home world of Dantooine, Silas grew up on the outskirts of the well-established capital city of Garang. His parents owned a farm, which grew organically farmed crops in which the produce is sold to the weekly markets in the capital. Silas lived an average life, going to a local primary school. He enjoyed reading even from a young age. He didn’t ask for toys or go out for walks in the valleys; only books. He often stole books from the schools library, and brought them home. His parents didn’t know about it until two years; when they discovered a pile of them under his bed. Silas was quite introverted at a young age. He was often shy in large groups, and avoided making new friends. The only friends he had were the other bookworms who spent their lunches in the library, sitting quietly. His childhood was overall pleasant until his grew slightly older.

At the age of 11, Silas and his family was visited by a Jedi Knight, wearing respectable attire and a shiny object on his belt. He explained to Silas’ parents that he had been indicated as force sensitive, and although he was picked up at a later age, he still qualified to be brought in to the studies of the Jedi Order. The Knight tested him accordingly, through a series of objects.  Two of which were basic toys, whilst the other was imbued with the Force. Silas immediately went for the imbued object, passing. He packed his things, and in a moment of sanctimony and apprehension; he departed for the Dantooine Enclave. His first year was slow. He naturally accustomed himself to the small environment of the Dantooine Archives, reading on the Code, and other essential sources of information.

After 4 years of training, Silas had been chosen to complete his Initiate Trials. He succeeded, progressing to Novice Padawan. Silas started to display interests in telekinesis, making it his primary focus in study. He developed a keen understanding of Shii-Cho during the same time. After a year, the Council saw fit to elect five students to be outsourced to off world Enclaves, to better their potential in their training; and Silas was one of them. At the age of 16, he was sent to Alzoc III to continue his training as a young Novice Padawan. The first year consisted of Silas getting used to the temperature and size of the Alzoc III Enclave. This was the first time he had been off-world. He befriended a man by the name of Arven Silaan, a Matukai transfer who had been asked to stay with the Alzoc III Enclave for a year. They grew close, and eventually the Council requested his presence permanently, and saw fit to announce him as a Jedi Knight of the Order. Soon after, Silas was taken upon him as his Padawan.

After a year of training, Silas has been organized to adopt the role of Archivist of the Alzoc III Enclave, a position which had been left unfilled for a few years before Silas even arrived. He adopted the role quite well, since in those couple of years he essentially lived in the confines of the Archives. The task was given to him to reorganize and categorize the Archives for better understanding. Since then, the Archives has been maintained by Silas, as he continues to hold the position of Alzoc III Archivist. It is also noted that Silas has voiced interest in joining the Circle of First Knowledge, and has since collaborated with them. After completing all of his trials, Silas was presented in front of the Council of Alzoc III, and Knighted.


321.03 ABY – Silas Vir’n is initiated by the Dantooine Council
325.27 ABY – Silas Vir’n passes his Initiate Trials
326.18 ABY – Silas Vir’n transfers from Dantooine Enclave to Alzoc III Enclave
328.06 ABY – Silas Vir’n is taken as a Padawan by Arven Silaan
331.10 ABY – Silas Vir’n is Knighted by the Alzoc Council
331.31 ABY – Silas Vir’n assumes mantle of Master Archivist.
332.12 ABY – Silas Vir’n takes Maia Rimora as his Padawan Learner.
335.21 ABY – Silas Vir’n assumes management of Exploration department.
338.14 ABY – Silas Vir’n takes Galen Sol as his Padawan Learner.