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Sibi Volunt


Homeworld: Nal Hutta

Species: Nikto


Born on Nal Hutta in the year 298, Sibi Volunt was raised primarily by his father and his grandfather, who he affectionately refers to as “Pop-Pop”. Sibi has no memory of his mother, as she left his father when Sibi was still an infant.
Sibi’s father’s relationship with his son is a tragic one, for while he very deeply loves Sibi because of how much he reminds him of his lost wife, he also suffers from a chronic addiction to spice. Because of this, Sibi’s grandfather is often tasked with taking care of the boy, sometimes for months at a time. Unaware of and uneducated on the world of drug addiction, Sibi simply believes his father to be sick.
Recently, unknown to Sibi, his father was hospitalized after an attempted overdose-suicide. Waking up to the realization that this was no place for a boy to be raised, and knowing that he was unable to care for the boy himself due to his gambling tendency, Sibi’s grandfather began to consider other caretakers for the boy.
Employed as a dock worker at the Guarja Shipyards, one of Sibi’s grandfather’s casual friends was a supply runner who would often deliver raw materials from planets such as 244Core, Alzoc III, and Lannik. During their occasional chats, the runner would often harp about his infatuation with the “Heroic Jedi Warriors”. It was through his friend that Sibi’s grandfather learned of a Jedi enclave on Alzoc III.
Wanting to keep Sibi away from the same pitfalls that he and his son had fallen prey to, and not knowing of the Force or Force-sensitivity requirements, Sibi’s grandfather decided that the boy’s best chance for a better future was with the Jedi on this distant planet he had heard stories about.
And so, after letting Sibi visit his father in the hospital one last time, his grandfather packed the boy up with the few belongings he had and traveled far across the galaxy to take his grandson to the icy planet of Alzoc III. Telling Sibi that he would be staying at the Jedi Temple for a while, his grandfather hugged the boy, said goodbye and left.
Having developed a strong sense of understanding due to his upbringing, Sibi accepted his grandfather’s instructions and entered the Jedi Temple, excited for what he might find there..