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Shimi Zaki

Shimi Zaki
Jedi Master - Former High Councilor

Homeworld: Xavar

Mentor(s): Erue

Species: Human

Padawan(s): Xai Azura, Rassk, Hal Raykin, Rokran Vuhdar, Indilia Von, Blavek Araven, Azra'elre'nim, Sebastin Creed


Shimi Zaki has a refined sense of seeing the actions of others ahead of time. Always searching for knowledge and growing his connection to the Force, Shimi has become quite a formidable Jedi.


The ship AIX-37 blasted out of hyperspace, and came to almost of a halt. It’s engine skipped a bit and continued to float along. Passengers were clamoring as to what was happening on the interior. The engine had continued to skip and sputter with mechanics feeling helpless. Not even the toolbox of a Coreillian engineer could fix this heap of floating metal. There were whispers about a defective power generator. In the medical wing lay many injured from the last hyperspace jump. The cargo ship had been cluttered around until every sharp corner on the ship was an instant safety hazard.

“I’m not so sure about this…” whispered a young Shimi. His father threw him a quick glance and smirked. “I wouldn’t worry too much, son,” Shimi’s father replied, “after all we are flying on the ‘luxury’ cruiser.” Shimi grinned at his father’s lightness of the situation for a moment. The ship jerked downwards and to the right. After 5 minutes, a man dressed in ragged clothing with soot on his face ran into the mess hall. “It’s alright, folks, just minor setback, we’ll get it all under control!” Everyone began to whisper and contemplate even more. Shimi took a deep breath and picked up his bags. “Something tells me this will end in disappointment,” he whispered as he started walking. “Off to the docking area?” said his father. Shimi nodded as he looked back. “Well wait for me, we should be coming up on Coruscant in a moment.” Shimi’s father sipped his last drops of tea and picked up his bags.

A man waiting anxiously outside the mess hall yelled at the soot-covered mechanic who was now sipping a pint of ale. “No time for a drink now, ya tool head!” The ragged man ran out of the hall and down the corridor in a rush. After taking the lift two levels up, he arrived in a cracked open alcove next to the cockpit room. The door to the room hissed open and another mechanic came out to check on the alcove. “Hows it looking, Dagg?”
“Well, the generator is shot. It looks like we’ve got a dead 11P,” he replied,”so… not good. definately not good…”

A young Shimi Zaki sat patiently in the docking area with his father. “You know…” his father whispered, “I haven’t been to Coruscant since I was a Jedi. Those times are well behind me now, I suppose.” Shimi had always shown his respect towards his father for his choices. He hoped this trip to Coruscant would be one of them. But the recent troubles were making him uneasy. “How long will we be staying in Coruscant?” questioned Shimi. “Just for a little while, I’m not sure our business will take too long” replied his father.

The P.A. system turned on…

“Attention all passengers! Despite the generator troubles, we are expected to make a safe landing soon.”

“Hmm, a crowd pleaser.” Remarked Shimi’s father. Shimi let out a chuckle… which proved to be short. The ship suddenly jerked to the side and sputtered. “Great…” mumbled Shimi. The lights shut down with a sound hum. Everything was silent. A creaking sound started soft and then grew loud. “Oh no…. ” commented Shimi, “we’ve entered the atmosphere.” Warning sirens began to go off. People were screaming and lunging for the escape pods in vain. The power had totally gone. Shimi closed his eyes for what seemed to be the longest moment of his life. He sensed a solution within himself, but could not truly understand it. He opened his eyes and stood up. “Shimi?” his father asked. “Are you there?”
Shimi began to walk in the dark down the corridor. He felt almost as if his senses had attuned for the moments he required them the most. He made his way to what he felt was the lift. Entering it, he tried to remember the button positions…

“GET THAT HYDROSPANNER, QUICK!!” Yelled Dagg. He frantically tried to replace popped fuses as more fizzled out to the right of him. The mechanic scrambled to his position with a glow lamp. A loud thump made them both turn their heads to the left. As a figure approached into the range of the lamp’s glow, they saw it was a young boy. “Kid, what are you doing here?! This ship’s going down!” Exclaimed Dagg with an exasperated shout. “Yes, I figured.” Replied Shimi. He asked Dagg for his hydrospanner and closed his eyes for a brief moment, entrusting his quiet mind. He could see his solution not too far. A moment after opening his eyes again, he reached to the back of the alcove, which was engulfed in wires. The two mechanics looked at each other in confusion. In a fast ten seconds, the ships lights turned on, followed by the recalibration of the ship’s altitude…

Hours later

AIX-37 had set ground at docking bay 101 in Coruscant’s central transport arrival of the northern business districts. Shimi and his father were the last to step off the ship’s docking area. As they made their way to the repulsorlift departures, Shimi’s father spoke quietly, “Just so you know… I’m very proud of you, Shimi. What you did back there on that ship was impressive, something I didn’t even know you were capable of.” Shimi smiled at his father as he walked. As they waited for the next lift to arrive, his father caught a glimpse of some guards talking to a hooded man. One of them began to approach the two. Shimi’s father was prepared to deal with any situation that might arise. “Excuse me, young man, but were you a passenger on that ship in docking bay 101?” asked the guard as he pointed to the half-broken ship. “Yes, yes I was. Is there a problem?” replied Shimi. “No problem, sir… but Jedi Master Vos Desu is requesting your presence…”