JEDI HoloNet


Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Ryloth

Mentor(s): Azra'elre'nim

Species: Twi'lek


Born on Ryloth in 302.21 ABY to a spaceport mechanic and a cook, Shakk’aven lived a modest and simple life in the capital city of Kala’uun. As a young child, she spent much of her time in the kitchen watching her mother cook. She prided herself on being the designated taste-tester for Mal’aa’s Kitchens, the local diner where her mother worked. All Twi’leks had a penchant for food, but Shakk’aven had a particularly insatiable hunger. By the time she was nine, she was being sent to deliver food from the kitchens to the tables. Out in the dining areas, Shakk’aven was exposed to the talk of the spacers and locals that visited the Kitchens.

She learned many curious things from listening to the spacers and it became her favorite part of the day. At the age of five, she began attending school which gave her the opportunity to put her curiosity to good use. Her curiosity meant she spent hours after school studying on her datapad more about what she learned in class. It was as insatiable as her hunger and her teachers struggled to keep up with her thirst for knowledge.

During Shakk’aven’s last visit to the Floating Rock Gardens of Ryloth, the winds had been calm for hours and the rocks were still. When the winds didn’t pick up, she became sad and started wishing that they would so she could see the rocks move again like the last time she was there. As she thought about the way the rocks looked last time, they suddenly began to rise and float in the air. She became excited and the rocks began to float higher and more erratically. Her mother then noticed that there was no wind coming from the tunnels. She grabbed Shakk’aven to pull her back, disrupting Shakk’aven’s excitement. As she did,  the rocks suddenly dropped to the ground.

A few of the tourists nearby noticed this, one being a spacer. After muttering a few choice words about ‘getting her checked out’ and those ‘damn Jedi’, he quickly left the area. Her parents deliberated for a while and decided to send a transmission to the temple on Coruscant requesting a Jedi to come test her. The Jedi arrived and spoke with her parents for a long time. He gave her a short test and then spoke again with her parents. The next morning, she was told to pack her belongings; she was going on a trip. With a quick goodbye from her parents, Shakk’aven boarded the starship headed to the nearby enclave on Alzoc III