JEDI HoloNet

Shaegoth Ulthan


Homeworld: Barab 1

Species: Barabel


Born in a small community, Shaegoth’s birth mother was a teacher, and his father worked in a local mining facility. They lived a simple life, as most barabels on Barab do. Shaegoth was little different than the others he grew up with, despite having a knack for always getting into trouble, he was still very much loved by his parents and lived as much as a stereotypical life as possible, spending his free time hunting and tracking, and wrestling with his friends.
Things change quickly though. One day, Shaegoth was tracking down a small skotcarp, a small native reptile. He was crawling through a small tunnel, on all fours, sniffing down the lizard he was following. Around him though, the sounds of nature seemed to stop and go quiet. Worried that he was getting lost in the caves, Shaegoth turned around, and began to return to the surface, disappointed at the failure of his hunt. As he broke the surface, the twilight hours of the sun hit his eyes, but seemed much brighter than normal. Within seconds, he was contained, trapped and tied up into a deployed net that he had walked on top of right in front of the cave’s mouth.
Hours later, Shaegoth was sitting in a crate, crawling at the inside, the sounds of people outside talking prices and haggling numbers. He kept fighting, but the durasteel of the crate was too tough for his claws and teeth.