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Shae Tavik


Homeworld: Umbara

Species: Umbaran


The Shadow World – Umbara became the home of the young Shae, a world belonging to the ever elusive Umbaran peoples’, herself and her family being one such member of the Umbaran. Born in the twilight that was forever cast upon the world, due to the lack of sunlight, Shae was the second child of a middle-caste family, following her elder brothers’ birth several years earlier. The necessity for children was brought about to secure the family legacy, both her brother and herself had roles to be played in society, albeit, less exciting prospects for herself more so than her brother.

It was without saying, that each family on Umbara desired to rise to the top ten tiers of the caste system, and her own was no different. Shae’s father was the ambitious sort, ambitious enough to have risen as he had done, through both meticulous subterfuge against rivals, and planned assassinations. Her mother on the other hand, played doting wife to her husband, yet in the shadows, was just as manipulative, often holding galas’ and dinner parties to invite both rival and ally into the fold, to observe and deceive. All the while this occured, Shae was oblivious as any child could be, often spent playing with toys in a secluded environment, she and her brother were not often seen together.

As the games of political mire continued in their daily occurence; the Tavik family began to lose ground against the other rival players on the political scene. Eventually, a group effort was made to drag down and smear the Tavik family name; all their holdings were aggressively taken over via crude dealings and arson. They were effectively made poor and with this, their desires to rise through the castes had a polar opposite effect, they were instead, dragged down to the lowest reaches.

Despite being an innocent party in all things considered, Shae and her brother were both dragged down too. Life had become increasingly uncomfortable for the family, especially the children, and it was without much consideration, the family sort to rid one liability. In midsts of trading their only daughter as a hostage of sorts to one of their former rivals, Shae was met by a Jedi, a rare occurence on her homeworld. Concerned for the well being of the young girl, they had taken her from the Shadow World to give her a second chance she never knew she needed.

Ossus became her home eventually, a shock to her system never the less, a world filled with light and life, it was a confusing time and her own reserved personality struggled deeply with the abundance of students and mentors about. The Council decided the best route for the young girl was to send her to one of the smaller facilities available in the Order, the prestigious Rannon Praxeum. A cycle was spent on Ossus before the girl was officially transferred to the Rannon Praxeum.