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Serra Kolzen

Serra Kolzen
Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Iridonia

Mentor(s): Simus Cnydaria

Species: Zabrak


Born and raised on the harsh arid world of Iridonia, the home world of her species, young Serra has known from the very start that life isn’t easy. Her father, Aven Kolzen, worked as a trader, traveling from settlement to settlement in search of new goods and new markets to sell them in. His work was profitable enough to support his fledgling family, if only barely. Her mother, who went by the name of Rai’la, helped her father in his work, acting as a tracker and path finder- skills that are undoubtedly useful to any wandering trader.

However, the work of a tradesman is dangerous- traveling the barren landscape from one city to another is by no means a task to be taken lightly, especially for one traveling with so many valuables. And indeed, they have, under numerous occasions been subject to attacks from the disorganized banditry wandering the wastes. But her father’s skill with blaster and vibroblade, coupled with her mother’s keen instincts, kept the rabble at bay.

And what was Serra’s role in all this? Keeping the gear clean and tidy, so people actually buy the things; a trifling task, one assigned to her to keep her from wandering off and getting into trouble. This distraction could only work for so long, her parents, preoccupied with their business tended to overlook Serra, but the young girl was not to be left alone for much longer.

Indeed, the mother was with child. It was then that the pair had to make an important decision- to relinquish their lives as wandering traders and settle down in one of the few general cities spread over the planet’s equator. With the credits that they gathered over the years, they were able to find sufficient accommodation in one of the safer parts of town. Her father took to working in one of the local shops as a clerk, though he soon realized that credits he earned from that little job of his were by no means going to support his growing family.

The mother and father had to take yet another decision, one they feared they would regret- Aven would resume his work as a wandering trader, this time with the aid of a few acquaintances he had made in his time as a clerk, fellow Zabraks equally disgruntled with the pay and the type of work. The two agreed, and Aven was to set out with his fellows in a few days, to sell their wares in the many cities dotting the planet’s equator.

Without his wife’s keen senses and astute understanding of Iridonia’s hazardous terrain, the group’s journey was arduous, but they managed the first few runs well enough, though at the expense of a few men, but their family’s needs combined with a little Zabraki stubbornness kept the group going strong. Strength however is a fleeting thing on Iridonia.

In the meantime, Serra’s mother stayed behind to look after the children. Serra was growing older, and despite them not living in one of the great Clan Cities, she had to know what it meant to be Zabrak- her mother would have it no other way. Although Serra was initially reluctant, she slowly took on what her mother imparted and immersed herself not only in her mother’s words, but also in the world around her.

While young Serra was growing, her father was out in the dangerous terrain, continuing his life as a trader. Both her and her mother worried for the man, and with time, they realized that their fears were not unfounded. On one morning, the caravan had missed its return deadline, and the several search parties sent out found little to alleviate the fear and lament of the families of those traders. Serra was practically frantic, her mother remained calm, however and reassured her young child, though deep down, her hearts were gripped with fear over her husband’s fate.

Ultimately, news of this horrific event struck the ears of the local Jedi Watchman, who, moved by the suffering of the Zabraki, set out to either rescue whoever remained alive, or bring closure to the troubled hearts of these poor families. Rai’la would only know of this by hearsay, but she knew better than to lift up her childrens’ hope on false pretense- she had two now to take care off, Serra and her brother Aven, to whom she now directed her full attention.

One morning, the family awoke to an eerily familiar knock at the door. Serra, recognizing the sound immediately ran to the door. Her mother, tired from yesterday’s work, sluggishly pulled herself out of bed and made her way to the door, sheepishly telling Serra to be careful. When the door opened, however, and she saw her daughter in her husband’s arms, she soon realized that what little hope she had forged was not going to be snuffed out after all. She rushed towards her husband’s arms, and for a moment, it seemed that her family had been united at last.

Behind her husband, a tall man, hooded with a long gray beard stood, ‘Could this be the Jedi?’ she thought to herself. But she didn’t really care, her husband was alive, and that was more than enough. Aven invited the Jedi in, and as Custom had dictated, the Jedi was to be treated as family. The aged Jedi would have humbly declined, as was his nature for he had pressing matters to attend to, and given his time on Iridonia, he knew how to weasel his way out of such matters, but it was different, here.

He could sense something in the family, it was not readily apparent in the man, but in the wife, and in particular in her child, the Force seemed strong, strong enough to warrant investigation, at least. The Jedi’s interest was thus piqued, and he agreed to join the family in celebrating the father’s return.

Over the coming days, the Jedi would frequently visit the family, bringing them food and aid, for Serra’s father, despite surviving, did so at a cost- he was deeply injured, and required many cycles to heal. The Jedi would often discuss matters with the parents in private, Serra would try to listen in, but she never could make out exactly what they were saying.

Clearly the Jedi was an object of interest. Her friends would speak of their strength and honor, traits both Serra and her kind valued above all else. And most importantly, perhaps, a Jedi had saved her father- she thus knew these traits to be true.

One day, her mother and father called on Serra, speaking of the Jedi, of who they are, what they represent and what the Jedi did for the father. They also told her that she had an opportunity, a chance, at becoming one of these individuals and they felt it would make them proud if she took it.

Serra was confused for a moment, taken aback by her parent’s words. But then things became clearer, her parents were through with her, she thought, ‘they had another, afterall!’ She stormed out of the house for the very first time, in anger. The streets of Iridonia, although always lit by the planet’s seemingly immotile sun, did, like all other cities, have their quiet, dangerous nights, and a nine year old girl on the street by herself was by no means safe.

Serra, blinded by her anger, had wandered into a seemingly abandoned alley-way. Alone, and frightened, she was beset upon by a group of hooligans. Taunting and scaring the child further, they led her deeper and deeper into the alley, where chances of her escape were minimal. Unbeknownst to them, however, the girl was not alone, her kind is never alone.

Serra lay there, cowering before her would-be captors, and realizing her folly; she knew this was not going to end well for her. She closed her eyes and stood up, facing the group as they descended upon her. But nothing happened. When she opened her eyes, she saw the aged Jedi in front of her. She could not quite make out what he was asking, she was stunned by the ordeal. With time, though, she would regain her senses, nodding repeatedly to the Jedi, ‘I-I’m fine. I’m fine.’ the first words she uttered.

The Jedi shook his head in disapproval, ‘You should not have run out like that, little one. Come with me; let’s return to your parents.’ She followed the Jedi to her parent’s house, where the families were happy to know that their daughter was safe.

The Jedi then made the offer again to Serra, her earlier reluctance now drowned in bewilderment, she accepted…