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Serir Vun

Serir Vun
Jedi Knight

Homeworld: G'rho

Mentor(s): Joran Fayara, Iffo Rav'i

Species: Duros

Padawan(s): Lucen-Zo, Lars Killen


Serir Vun is the only child of Rian Vun. Rian had been an initiate with the Order at the age of 12, but due to his peaceful nature he was unable to reconcile his feelings about wielding a lightsaber and returned to his family with the ExploreCorps. Around the time the plague was released a lot of institutions began to crumble, including the Agricorps and ExploreCorps. Rian and his lifemate, fled with several remaining survivors to the planet of G’rho.

Undersupplied and tired from being pursued, they felt the planet being as far off as it was would serve as a suitable location for their rebuilding efforts. As there was no ExploreCorps to return to, the Vun family along with the other survivors began to build a thriving settlement in the forests of G’rho.

Though out in a remote setting, the remnants of the ExploreCorp flagship were still capable of interstellar communication, though until the pushback of the Republic they did so sparingly. Still, when Rian learned of the reinstatement of the Agricorps he knew this was a good time to bring the ExploreCorps back to light, and, after conferring with the other leaders in the settlement, they gathered their things and transmitted to the Jedi Temple, to get the coordinates to join up with the Agricorps.

Rian kept a home on the colony that was thriving on G’rho. He wanted to eventually have a family, and some 25 years later it finally happened for him. In 381.04 ABY Rian had a son, Serir. A likable boy who was much like his father, though with a bit more of a rambunctious side. Serir spent his early childhood learning about plants and animals, doing chores with the other settlers such as gathering food or chopping wood, whatever it took to help the upkeep of the settlement.

Serir speaks a choppy Galactic Basic, but Durese is his native tongue. He is a polite, respectful child and is quite compassionate, like his father. Perhaps in contrast, however, he is far more playful and rowdy, as most boys his age would be. In addition the boy seems to have inherited his father’s empathic abilities, perhaps this is another reason his father sent him to the temple?