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Sena Vel

Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Shili

Species: Togruta


Sena’s parents were always one for travel. From a young age, Sena learned the ability to let go of things when needed, and how to adapt to whatever environment she was in, albeit not nearly as well as her parents. Along her travels in the Galaxy, she picked up several languages, and found friends among almost anyone she could say hi to.

Her mother, Amohlo, went to the technical university in Shili during her youth, and her father, Vako, spent his youth on the Jedi temple on Illum as a padawan. Upon being Knighted, however, he was untimely deployed on an assignment that rendered him almost completely non Force-Sensitive. After spending years of recuperating, Vako decided to leave the Order, already in a relationship with Amohlo.

Sena’s parents taught her almost everything they knew. With knowledge of technology and actual knowledge of Jedi, rather than the dramatic overexaggerations brought about by news, Sena felt she was ready to take on the world. Surprisingly enough for her, this wish came quickly. One day, they were spending a cycle on Naboo, where Sena ran into an extremely curious-looking boy, who looked at the time to be about 25. The curious 5 year old girl waved to the man with a big grin, while her parents moved to stand near her. The man smiled warmly and looks to the two Togruta parents. “This one yours? She’s got a great smile.”

Amohlo and Vako engaged into a conversation with the man, who revealed his name to be Rothel Janoo. He was visiting his faimly and a long lost friend at the time. The group exchanged a few words, and when Amohlo and Sena wandered off to the park, Rothel and Vako lagged behind, striking up a quiet discussion.

“I take it we both sense it then?” Vako said to the man.
“Yes. It’s faint, but somehow strong-spirited.” He replied. “How long has this feeling been present?
“Ever since she was born.”
“Then why didn’t you talk to the Order?”
“I couldn’t be sure.” Vako furrowed his brow. “Being cut off from the Force for so long begins to mess with you.”
“Well I can say for sure she could have a great future as a Jedi. Where did you say your family was going next?” Rothel inquired.
“We’re headed off to Dantooine.” Vako looked at the kid curiously. “What interests you in it?”
“There’s a Jedi Praxeum there. Given her spirited nature, she could have a great future there. I implore you and your wife think it over.”
“Very well.” Vako looked to his wife and kid, who were playing in the park happily. “You know, she won’t take to it too kindly.”
“Which is why you must talk to them about it. I’m afraid I can’t intervene. This is something you must do.”
“Alright. I must get back to my family, as I’m sure you must as well. Thank you, Jedi.”
Rothel laughed quietly with a broad smile. “I wish. I’m still merely a Padawan. Anyway, I must return, as you said. Thanks for this opportunity to talk. May the Force be with you.”

The two exchanged contact information in case of emergencies, then parted ways. When Vako came back to his wife and kid, they sat down in the park and discussed Sena’s future. Excited, Sena wanted to go, but Amohlo was extremeley hesitant. It took a long talk before she allowed Sena to go to the temple. Finally, they departed for Dantooine. Sena spent five years in the Dantooine Enclave, making many friends along the way, until such a day came that a fight broke out between her and another one of the students. The student was belittling another peer for not
being good enough, and Sena lost control. The Dantooine council gathered to discuss what should be done. Finally, Councillor Iffo Rav’i approached Sena and told her the situation. It wouldn’t be long before she would transfer to the Jedi Praxeum in Rannon, where she would start a new adventure, with new friends.