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Selan Faross

Selan Faross

Homeworld: Corellia

Species: Human


Selan Faross is a 9 year old Human child born on Corellia. His parents, Aeran Faross and Reina Faross were both CorSec officers on Corellia, Coronet city. Their family had always proudly served Corellia in the CorSec force. They wanted Selan to become an CorSec officer too, but later on, that destiny was not ment for him. When Selan became 6 years old, they took him on a patrol for the Family Day, a tradition in his family. Whilst patrolling, Selan wandered off into an alleyway and his parents lost him in the endless maze of Coronet’s alleys.

Selan, a 6 year old boy, armed with nothing but his curiosity and his young looks, was wandering dangerous, polluted and crime-infested alleys alone, shady people saw him, and started following Selan, and he began to run. A few of the shady people followed him, with drawn weapons. Selan ran and ran as fast as he could, and then he bumped into a few other CorSec officers. When the pursuers ran into the officers, a firefight began, with the end of the pursuers. Selan was brought back to his parents by the officers and he was punished badly for walking off like that.

While he grew, he started dreaming about things, that would come to pass a few days later. An example beeing that his father would drop a plate with food and drinks, and two days after the dream, he DID drop it. This continued a while, and he started dreaming things more clearly. His parents then went to the Jedi Watchman of the planet, and asked him. The Jedi replied that it was a phenomenon that pointed out to force sensitivity. Selan was tested, and he was shown force sensitive with about 5.000 midichlorians per cell.

His parents opted to send him to an Jedi Enclave for training. So it would be, and Selan was sent to Yavin IV, to the Jedi Enclave there, to hopefully become a Jedi.