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Sebastin Creed

Sebastin Creed
Jedi Master - Former High Councilor

Homeworld: Alpheridies

Mentor(s): Alkur Tekeil, Shimi Zaki

Species: Miraluka

Padawan(s): Olim Adasca; Rita Sandria, Kantha Maitri, Shaok Panek, Kajuun Mujai, Jago Mirax,Grokh'torr Eikh'mir, Rhuk'torr Eikh'mir, Jerex Sol


Sebastin’s congenital Force-manifested abilities have yet to materialize. As a Miraluka, Sebastin’s sight is provided through the Force, an obvious inborn propensity of Force-sensitivity. His temperament is stoic and flexible, calm and reserved, a precursor to his Jedi training and a quality of his maturity.


Born on the planet Alpheridies, the adopted home world of the Miraluka, Sebastin Creed was like any other normal Miralukas child. Son to Nicolas Creed who worked as a manager in a factory for a machinery manufacturer in his local industrial sector, his mother was Isa Creed who worked as a teacher at the school he later attended as a young boy.
Sebastin was always quiet and reserved as a child but in some cases he would open up a bit more to a select few who he would later befriend at school. He particularly enjoyed History classes and physical exercises at school, though sometimes his interest in certain subjects would be effected by this.

Near his 8th birthday they received a message from his uncle Alad that he would be traveling to stay with them for a few days as a small vacation from his job. Sebastin had a particular fondness for his uncle in that he would enjoy listening to his extra ordinary stories and marveled at his wisdom of the galaxy outside of his home world, so when news came of this visit Sebastin was excited as per usual to hear what new stories his uncle would tell.
When Sebastins birthday came around Alad transport was delayed, so he arrived late into the night while Sebastin was asleep. Once he had got to the house and left his bags in his room he crept into Sebastins room to check on him. Sitting at the side of his bed, he watched over Sebastin before placing a wrapped gift under his pillow before leaving back to his own room to rest. Though once he had started to unpack a young Sebastin slowly entered his room to greet him.

‘I thought you weren’t going to come today.” whispered Sebastin.

‘I’m sorry Sebastin, unfortunately my transport was delayed from departure at Coruscant.” replied his uncle.

”That’s okay, at least you are here now.” Smiled Sebastin, ”though, what is this?” Asked Sebastin holding up the unwrapped gift.

”That… Sebastin, is a Holocron, my Holocron.” Smiled Alad.

”Really!? What does it do!?” Asked Sebastin quizzically.

”It’s a device which stores recordings if you will, of my thoughts.” Replied Alad.

”So, why are you giving it to me?” puzzled Sebastin.

”As you know, we are naturally force sensitive Sebastin. We have adapted over many many years with our sight, so that we can see using the force. Now this holocron can only be opened by those that are force sensitive. I know you always enjoyed listening to my stories Sebastin, so I thought this would be a good challenge for you Sebastin.” Smiled Alad

Nodding enthusiastically an amused and grinning Sebastin returned to bed with his holocron, laying awake he continued looking at it, trying to find a way to open it. For an hour he grew frustrated with it before growing tired and falling asleep.

The next day Sebastin had put aside his interest in the holocron to spend the day out with his family and his uncle, going for food and general activities. Before long the day had ended and they all returned back to the family home, it was at his point Alad broke the news that he would have to return to Coruscant earlier than originally planned. Sebastin was clearly unhappy about it but his uncle soon made him understand that he would see him again soon and that it was important that he had to return back to Coruscant. Alad worked as a teacher for the Jedi on Coruscant and he was needed to return back to teaching.
On the night he was leaving Alad gave Sebastin advice about the holocron, reminding him to stick to the challenge he had set out and that it could lead to something more. That night Sebastin lay awake looking at the holocron, thinking about what Alad had said to him about opening it and what the contents could be.

Soon, the hours turned to days, days to weeks and weeks to months all passing while Sebastin struggled to open the holocron that his uncle Alad had given him on his birthday. Sometimes Sebastin would become so frustrated with not being able to open the holocron that he would put it to the side and try forget about it though he would always later become drawn back to it again, desperate to see what was inside it. One night Sebastin lay awake in bed, pondering on how to open the holocron. He turned on his side to look at it on his bed side table but it was gone, he sat up panicked looking around his room. He stumbled out of bed and looked down the side of the table, then under his bed and then everywhere else that he could imagine placing the holocron. As he stood up, with a slight hint of desperation on his face, he began to feel funny, his attention was drawn out of his room to another place within the house. The image of the holocron dominated his thoughts and emotions he felt compelled to leave his room and wander aimlessly as he was being directed. He crept down the hallway towards the stairs and began slowly tiptoeing down them, step by step. As he did, he began to slightly lean forward casting a glance around the stairway area, as he did his gaze was drawn to the living space room. He walked towards the door, the sensation he felt began to increase, though he wasn’t disturbed by it but more serene, placing his hand on the door frame, he peeked around the door looking into the living space. He immediately saw the holocron sat on the table placed in the middle, as if  on purpose. He knelt down to the table looking over the holocron, a slight aura radiated off of it, as it continued to shimmer in his vision. He placed his hands onto the holocron and lifted it to look more close at it. Suddenly the top of the holocron snapped open as the holocron began to illuminate itself, a holographic image appeared in front of Sebastin, a holographic image of Alad.

”If you are watching this Sebastin, then you have managed to open a Jedi Holocron which can only be opened by those who are force sensitive and willing enough to open it within their own mind and body.” the recording started.

”I know you hold an interest in the stories I tell you and the work that I do here on Coruscant. This is why I strongly feel that I can offer you something more that would interest you and take the potential, I know that you have, to the furthest it could possibly go. This could be achieved by the proper training, training from the Jedi Order itself. Sebastin, I offer you the chance to become a Jedi but there is a lot more to it and at times it will be difficult, very difficult.” The image of Alad face showed an expression of sincerity, Sebastin knew that the message was serious.

”If this is what you want Sebastin, follow these instructions I have written down exactly as they state and you will begin down this path that I have offered to you, that the Jedi could offer you. look inside your pillow case.” The image of Alad suddenly shut down as the holocron closed, the light disappeared from its core. Sebastin stood looking at the holocron for a moment, taking in what he had just heard. As a young boy the prospect of such a big change was feared but desired all at once. To know what the future would hold if this option was followed through to its conclusion was tempting to Sebastin but he was afraid of the unknown events that could happen along the way. However, he did trust his uncle would only offer this to him if he believed this was something he would want. Without a second thought Sebastin rushed to his feet and back to his room to search his pillow case. Inside he found his school datapad switch on with new data entered with the instructions Alad had entered for him to follow. The first set of instructions was to pack everything that he would hold dear to him and some cloths, the second instruction was to look under his bed mattress for the tickets to travel all the way to coruscant with the third and final instruction, was to place the note to his parents on the living room table next to the holocron.

The next day Sebastin left while his mother and father were out of the house, the note sat beside the holocron on the living room table as instructed he picked up his bag and slid the tickets into the jacket pocket. He kept the datapad in his hand following the instructions and things to say to get him from one place to another till finally on Coruscant where his uncle Alad would be waiting to take him the rest of the way. Once he arrived on Coruscant after his long travel, as promised his uncle was there waiting.

”I’m glad you are here Sebastin, there is one last place to go however. I have a very close friend who found a place within the Order for you Sebastin and this last is the shuttle that will take you there, the last step.” Alad took hold of Sebastins shoulder and led him to the shuttle.

”Wait here a moment Sebastin.” Alad instructed.

Alad proceeded to walk over to a man standing to the side of the shuttle eating, they talked for a moment glancing over to Sebastin a few times as they did before they both walked back over to him. Alad smiled at Sebastin then looked over to the stranger.

”This is friend of mine Sebastin, Cryton, he is the captain of the shuttle and he will be taking to you to where you need to be. You’re in good hands Sebastin, I will try contact you soon after you land.” Said Alad as he knelt in front of Sebastin.

”I believe this is right for you Sebastin, this is exactly what was meant for you. Take care and I will see you soon.” Alad stood before Sebastin looking down upon him. Sebastin hugged his uncle one last time, the feeling of fear was more intense. Alad could sense that Sebastin was scared by the strength of his grip.

”There is nothing to be worried about Sebastin, everything is going to be great from now on. I promise.” Alad reassured him warmly.

Sebastin eased off his uncle and looked up to him one last time before looking to Cryton and nodding that he was ready to leave for the shuttle and his new life. Cryton finished off his snack and with a mouthful muttered to Sebastin ”Let’s get going big guy, it’s time.”

Sebastin followed Cryton to the shuttle, glancing once more over his shoulder to Alad who stood still waving to Sebastin. As he climbed onto the shuttle he turned to Alad again and returned the wave.

”You will do great things Sebastin, may the force be with you!” Shouted Alad with a smile on his face.

Sebastin grinned and waved with enthusiasm, suddenly there was a hissing from the shuttle as the doors closed shut. The Captains voice came on from the speakers to address the passengers of the shuttle on board.
Sebastin sat down on a free seat at the back away from the crowds, placing his bag on his lap he looked up and listened to the captains message.

”Greetings everyone, this should be a fast and smooth ride. Please be seated and comfortable for the duration of the flight till we reach our Destination. The first and only stop, Yavin IV.”

The captains announcement ended abruptly as the shuttle vibrated and slowly raised off the ground. Alad stood watching the shuttle from below as it turned and flew off into the distance with Sebastin to what would soon be his new home and new life.