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Sawyer Snow

Sawyer Snow
Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Coruscant

Mentor(s): Nicholae Carnassi, Illrian Damaris

Species: Human


Born into the loving household of the Snows, on the Core World of Coruscant, young Sawyer would soon turn down the narrow path towards the life of something his Parents would have never imagined. The boy’s Father, Radge Snow, piloted cargo transports for a well known Trades Company that marketed all over the planet. As for his Mother, Lanine, she remained at their residence and took care of the home. Sawyer had one sibling, a sister named Melia, who was right about the age of seven when Sawyer was born into the family.

Sawyer developed at the average pace, catching onto things slightly faster than his older sister did when she was his age. This was noted by his Parents but wasn’t taken on as that big of a deal. Even at a young age, Sawyer proved to be a cocky toddler, always attempting things his older sister would, or even his father. Though there was not much success in all of his attempts, he had a drive that kept him going, a drive that continued to stick with him throughout his years to come.

Nearly four months after the youngest Snow’s birthday, a terrible event occurred that would change Sawyers life forever. Sawyer had just been tucked in by his parents, being younger he was always the first to go to bed. His older sister Melia was allowed to stay up a bit longer than Sawyer, as it was a known rule in the home that a later bed-time came with age. His parents and sister had been out on balcony when the door came crashing down. As soon as the crash was heard from across the home, Sawyer scrambled out of his sheets and crawled beneath his bed. Screaming and blaster bolts echoed throughout the residence soon after.

It was all the boy could to simply keep himself from crying out with fear as the Thugs tore the home apart looking for anything worth a credit. When one rather large creature entered his room, he accidentally released a small yelp. His eyes widened. It wasn’t half of a second after that an enormous hand reached under than bed and grabbed him. Sawyer was hit with the butt of the blaster once on the side of his face, then tossed like rag across the room, thought to be dead.

Sawyer woke up the next morning in Medical Center. He had no memory of the night before or anything else in his past. Though he was only six and didn’t have a life time of memories lost, he was alone. On his third day at the Hospital, he was approached by tall man in robes. He was a young Jedi Knight who’d been sent by the Jedi Council of Coruscant. The Council had been alerted of the boy when the Doctors at the Medical Center took blood from Sawyer.

Sawyer was told his full name, where he would be going, and what he would be doing there, but nothing more. They felt that there was no use in explaining the boy’s past to him since he was so young, and there was no room in his life for heartbreak now. Though at a young age, he was to begin his training in time to become a Jedi.

Though he had no memory of his past, the cocky attitude and motivating drive stuck with young Snow as he trained as an initiate. His physical talents and quick, yet natural skill with the light saber was known as he grew older. When he reached the age 10, this caught the eye of another youngling. Her name was Aena Horell. Having a lot in common, including the fact that neither of them had that many friends, they grew close and trained with one another. They grew stronger and so did their friendship as they trained in the coming years. Though they thought having each other, a close friend, was a blessing, it would prove not to be in the life of a Jedi.

With the first of the many teenage years behind them, their friendship would prove to be more than that. Although most of their spare time was already spent training, studying, or meditating together, they began pushing their boundaries. A secret love for one another was developing and growing stronger, and both of the students knew it, recognized it, and liked it. They had strong feelings for each other and they could not hide it, especially from their Teachers. Not only did their teachers notice, but so did the students. News traveled fast and it was long before the two were placed in front of the Council regarding the matter. He knew the relationship was getting to serious, almost out of hand, and he knew that it wasn’t as important as his training. It was time for a change. Sawyer knew that he would not be able to rid his thoughts and feelings of her, especially when he would be seeing her so much.

Cycles after the stop his meeting, Sawyer approached the High Council of Coruscant once again, this time requesting a transfer. The path of a Jedi was for him, and he knew it. He could not throw away his future and Aena’s future. Snow’s strong feelings for his friend were obvious, and upon being granted permission for transfer, Sawyer proceeded to ready his belongings and say his goodbyes. The long farewell to his dear friend was hard, almost tortuous,  further proved to him that transferring would be the best decision in regards to his own training and that of Aena’s. At nearly the age of fourteen, Sawyer transferred to the Jedi Temple of Alzoc III, where he would continue his training.