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Sasha Raven

Sasha Raven
Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Coruscant

Mentor(s): Corinth Alkorda

Species: Human

Padawan(s): Agitt Tanwa, Tergos Zemnos.


Sasha Raven, was originally born in Coruscant where she stayed for the first several years with her family. The daughter of a teacher and emergency response pilot, she grew in a very normal atmosphere. At the age of Seven, she was involved in an accident at school that resulted in the staff there testing her blood. Though at birth there were no signs of midichlorian manifestation however, during this trip they now were very obviously there in enough abundance to consider contacting the officials in the Jedi Order. A short time after that she was interviewed, her parents were given the hard decision to allow her to be taken and trained which they eventually decided on through a cycle of heated debate mostly, held in the privacy of their own chamber. In a strange turn of events, she was not accepted for training at the Coruscant main headquarters of the Jedi and was instead transfered to a remote moon system called, Yavin Four. Sasha, was young and adventurous enough that she was excited to go somewhere new and didn’t overly care where it was. After an emotional and cautioning goodbye she took the shuttle with the Jedi watchmen to the Yavin Four academy landing platform.

She was accepted by the order after a standard initiation period and began her training attending formal classes and learning her normal studies from the archives as many do. Her hard work caught the attention of a wise Jedi Master named, Corinth Alkorda. Through several years of training missions and tribulations eventually, the young Raven was Knighted by the Council.

Eventually Sasha joined the fighting cause against the Mandalorians and saw out her tour of duty until the war had effectively ended. She now resides in peace in the Alzoc Three enclave with here peers and the students formerly of the Yavin Four academy and trains her own apprentice in the arts. Being a private person, little is known in fact about the Jedi and remains shrouded in mystery with the exception that her loyalty and focus always stands with the Jedi Order without yield.