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Sarehla Velos

Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Iridonia

Mentor(s): Maila Tyree*

Species: Zabrak


Sarehla’s family owned a small droid repair shop on the outskirts of the city Wortan. She attended basic education at the local school until the age of six and in her spare time she would often be found playing with the half assembled droids scattered about her family’s business.

With Zabrak historically having a high count of force sensitive children born, Sarehla underwent a medical screening on her sixth birthday where she was deemed to be a potential candidate for life as a Jedi.

It was decided that her training was to be conducted on Ossus. Being of a social nature, she was able to adapt to the new environment and slot into life in the temple. By her tenth birthday she had caught the eye of a young Jedi Knight by the name of Maila Tyree who would take Sarehla to be her padawan.

Sarehla flourished in her new role, taking to all studies given to her by her new master. She would not be considered the best by any means, but it was always noted that she would give her full effort to any task she was assigned.

Even though she enjoyed the company of her friends on Ossus, in her spare time she could often be found hidden away in the workshop tinkering with some small gadget and over time she became quite proficient with electrical circuitry.

Under the care of her mentor, Sarehla grew into a capable padawan. Deemed to be at the end of her training she was put through her knight trials where she was to be successful.

After two years of serving the order as a knight of the Ossus temple, it was decided by the council that she would be relocated to the smaller Rannon branch.