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Sared Kilvan

Sared Kilvan
Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Unknown

Mentor(s): Alkur Tekeil, Rash Loist

Species: Humanoid


Circa 208 ABY, a pair of scientists by the names of Vyrn and K’la Mikhail working under corporate funding from the New Cov Biomolecular Company began the Forced project. The theory was to synthesize human DNA in a manner that made it naturally attract a higher concentration of midichlorians, effectively creating an artificial Force-user. Under the guidance of Dr. Savrik, a leading researcher for NCBC, their team created over two-hundred artificial human beings, none bearing more than one percent genetic similarity to any other human being recorded in their database.

Over the next twenty years, they watched carefully in their comfortable isolated community on New Cov as the children grew up into men and women, each with their own traits and personalities. However none of them with a conscious connection to the Force. Eventually, after years without productive results, NCBM executives decided to close down the Forced project, due to the lack of a profitable outcome. They ordered the project ‘terminated’, and all of the subjects to be ‘disposed of’. The Mikhail’s, very attached to their children could not bear the thought of simply terminating them. Instead, they assembled food and supplies, using their sizeable salaries to purchase a small freighter and smuggle their children aboard.

Leaving them in the care of the ships autopilot, the cruiser took off for a small, uncharted planet on the outer rim. A safe place, where they could settle, raise families, and be happy without fear of their former corporate owners. Hours into their journey, a meteor shower damaged the ship’s auto-pilot, veering them off-course above the galactic plane. Days passed, and the helpless passengers were unable to help their plight. Beyond the galactic plane, they encountered an ion beast that consumed the entire ship. The only thing that made it away was a single escape pod, carrying a nanny droid and a single infant, the hopes and dreams of Vyrn and K’la’s lives.

Landing in an abandoned factory on Churba, he was discovered by a chance civilian patrol. They found him clutching the partially destroyed droid, and a simple silver band, hanging on a chain around his neck with the words “Sared Kilvan” inscribed on the inside. The boy was taken to a nearby orphanage where he spent the first few years of his life. At the age of three, the orphanage was destroyed in a fire, and he took to the streets with his fellow orphans, Lyr, a rowdy Bith, and Doui, a brooding teen who looked out for them. After just a few weeks living on the streets, the three were picked up by a kind old freighter captain calling himself Raggs. Being orphaned at an early age himself, Raggs had sympathy to the younglings state and took them aboard his ship where he raised them as if they were his own children. The years passed, and a few more orphans came and left, living aboard the ship without a care in the world. By the age of six, Sared decided that he wanted to be able to work on the ship like the adults did, and under Raggs’ tutelage, mastered the inner workings of fixing and flying a starship. By the age of ten, he could dismantle and rebuild the ships entire hyperdrive system, from computer to motivator, in just a few hours time; a feat to which Raggs owed his entire livelihood on at least two different occasions.

When Sared was sixteen, Raggs was mugged and killed in a back alley on Coruscant, leaving the adolescents orphaned once again. Going their separate ways, Lyr returning to Bith to pursue his emerging poetic talents, and Duoi disappearing one night with a group of smugglers. Being too young to join the military, and too old to apply at a local orphanage, Sared picked up work at a local Cantina, the “Wookiee Fuzz”, run my an old hard Ryn called Kase. It was there that he learned the secret alchemy of bar tending, creating concoctions and entrees that pleased several pallets from a multitude of races.

After a chance meeting with a History Professor from the University of Coruscant, Sared took it upon himself to start saving for a proper education. A year later, he had enough credits to enrol at the age of eighteen, barely passing the admittance exams, and happily split his time between pouring drinks at the Fuzz and reading history books during his lunch breaks. After only three semesters though he was honourably dismissed from the university because of his accusations of falsified historical documents wherein he believed that the school had been generating false texts in order to distance themselves from the former Imperial regime and the harsh non-human policies that had been enacted under Emperor Palpatine’s rule.

Leaving Coruscant, he re-applied to his studies at the University of Byblos, where he continued his education for another two years until he found himself unemployed, out of credits, and unable to continue his schooling. Now twenty-four, he fell back on his old skills, working part-time at the Jarik’tor, a shady nightclub with a reputation for the occasional murder; and part-time at the Byblos Drive Yards where he worked on refurbishing sub-light drives. It was one night at the Jarik’tor, when at the dare of a Devaronian he drank a Purple Maw: a dangerous concoction of spirits and glitterstim. Falling into a near-death coma, he had a vision where me saw an older man, claiming to have fought in the Sith wars against Exar Kun, befriending the Massassi before his murder at thier hands. Unfortunately, he was resuscitated before he could learn any more from the mysterious man. Dismissing the occurrence as a hallucination, he never gave it much thought again.

The Byblos Drive Yards, facing several lawsuits involving corruption and vandalism now were forced to make massive layoffs. Once again finding himself out of money and out of work, Sared received a unexpected message from his old friend Lyr. He was working on Ord Mantell with a Rodian and a Wookie in a new crash band at the Crow’s Nest, one of the more infamous nightclubs on the rim, and had heard that Sared could use a bar tending job. Packing all his worldly belongings into a single bag, he bought passage aboard the passenger liner Stellar Prince and hoped for smooth sailing in the near future. Unfortunately, the chief navigator on-board had a loud mouth and a bad hand at Sabacc. At their next stop, he fooled Sared onto boarding the next shuttlecraft, thinking he was being transferred to another cruiser. Instead, the shuttle entered the atmosphere and dove sharply to the surface. The airlock was opened and Sared was ripped from his seat to fall into the endless ocean below. Struggling against a life of artificial gravity, Sared fought to stay afloat. Suddenly, out of the corner of his eye, he saw a glint of sunlight reflected off of a shining glass dome…