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Saos Nartu

Saos Nartu
Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Kiffu

Species: Kiffar


Saos Nartu is a male Kiffar born on the system of Kiffu on 287.6. He lived on the southern hemisphere of the planet, as a member of the Nartu clan, which lived in a tropical climate engorged with a tropical rainforests. His parents were average members of the clan, his mom a teacher and his father a bio-habitat research manager. He lived a middleclass live in a prestigious string of houses along the main treeline of Kanaru Mountain. One day on his way walking to school, a holo-lift speeder was overloading stock at a local research facility, and on their way to an export branch. The speeder was travelling the holopath at an excessive speed in an attempt to reach the export branch without penalty. Saos decided to cross the road without looking, believing that speeders never cross during the morning. The road is a large curve, with blind spots to either side for incoming traffic. Several onlookers noticed the speeder flying towards Saos from up the mountain side, however their screams didn’t reach the distance. Saos suddenly twitched, a strange sense of danger striking him as he sprinted across the last of the road, and a fraction of a second after he reached the other side, the speeder came flying past. Saos’ teacher was watching him from the classroom, and played over the event several times in her head for the following cycle. She eventually had an epiphany, and realised Saos was force-sensitive, so she contacted Saos’ parents and called them in for an interview. Later that evening, they all elaborated and finally concluded Saos should be sent to a Jedi Academy to fulfill his potential. The teacher contacted a local Jedi Master, and told him of the situation. Within the cycle, the Jedi Master arrived on Kiffu, and sought out Saos in his home. His parents told him to pack; he was going to become a Jedi.