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Samoon Chooga

Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Velusia

Mentor(s): Lynee'alin

Species: Aquar


Samoon remembered everything, playing on the shore with his friends, tinkering with the simplest materials. He enjoyed swimming to the depths of the ocean and catching fish. His mother, Kira Chooga, was a harvester. Harvesting fish and plants, to make meals for the small family. The unrelenting cold nights were always harsh. The small blanket couldn’t maintain to keep them both warm. Samoon remembered alot of things, but he remembered one night more than others.. one night was different..

As the NMC (Nexcore Mining Corporation) arrived, the Chooga’s were already sound asleep. Samoon wrapped in his mother’s arms begging for warmth. His mother lay next to him uncomfortable and stressed.

“Mommy” he whispered, “I’m thirsty.”

“Just go back to sleep, Everything is alright.” she replied.

Samoon sat there obeying his mother, Listening to every small sound.
Every sound he heard he would imagine thousands of things, wondering what it could have been. One sound was different, he heard a small shuttle landing. Samoon took the majority of the blanket and put it over his head to try to hide himself from whatever was out there. A Nexcore employee stood at the door, with a light beaming from his helmet. Samoon glared at the man standing in his house, his mother still asleep. He came in and grabbed his sleeping mother by her hair and pulled her outside. Samoon looked at the man and tried to stop him, but feared for himself. He reached out a hand to his mother but she wasn’t responding. The man shut the door and Samoon sat there crying and whimpering. He ran outside and looked around to see the empty village. Samoon lived near Mount Hollow (Capital) and knew his way there by
taking materials and items there multiple times. His only chance was to get there and see if the NMC were there picking up more workers. He ran as fast as he could outside the village and up the road to the city.

Getting to the city, he saw the NMC’s shuttle taking off. He ran to the shuttle and started jumping to try to reach something that would pull him up. No use. He was there by himself, While his mother would venture out into the oceans of Velsuia and mine the rest of her life. He went to a man named Harbiousoe Bina, a human that he saw several times in the market.

“Harb!” Samoon screamed. “The NMC they’ve come, and they took mother!”

The man glared at the Aquar and said “Oh, yes! The come every few months to take the local aquar for a mining expedition.”

“But they took mother! Will you help me?”

“Not much I can do, Samoon. Sorry.”

“Ok.” Samoon frowned.

Samoon waved good-bye to Harb and walked away, he saw a neon sign that pointed an arrow to the Mount Hollow Spaceport and was quickly intrigued. He followed the flashing symbol to the doors, they opened, he entered. Looking around he saw multiple species, some aquar. He ran over to an Aquar Stranger and tugged on his shirt.

“Hey you!” Samoon shouted.

The man looked around not knowing who was trying to get his attention then looked down at him and said “Oh Hello, little one”.

“Why weren’t you taking away by the NMC?” Samoon said.

“Because, the NMC only take the people in the villages, I was in the water at the time.”

“Oh, Otay.” Samoon replied. “Where are you going?”

“Bespin.” he stated. “Are your parents around?”

“My mother was taken by the NMC, I never met my father..” Samoon said.

“Ah, That’s terrible. Well I have an extra pass you can have? It’s going to Bespin though.”

“Bespin? Where’s that?” Samoon questioned.

“It’s in the Outer Rim.” The Stranger Replied.

“Oh! Ok, Thankyou!” Samoon smiled and took the pass to Bespin.

The Stranger smiled and said “Good Bye, kiddo.”

As Samoon arrived to Bespin City he found himself wondering around asking strangers questions, walking into shops, making friends with the local children. While walking around chatting to anyone he found, Samoon ran into a teenager named Rokran. Instantly, Samoon was impressed. He beamed his eyes at the lightsaber hilt and was amazed. Samoon had found himself a Jedi. Samoon looked at his hands and he was carrying a Metal Ornament of some sort. The metal reflected light into his eyes and Samoon dared to stare.

“Hey you!” Samoon shouted right in his face.

“Why, Hello little one.” he smiled. “What’s your name?”

“Samoon Chooga! What’s yours? Are you a Jedi?” Samoon questioned.

Rokran chuckled. “Not so fast, I’m Rokran and yes I’m a Jedi. A Jedi Padawan.”

“Wow! You have a light-saber too?”

“Yes, I do. I see you don’t have one. You fooled me! I thought you were a Jedi.” he said holding in a laugh.

Samoon shook his head and told him No that he wasn’t a Jedi.

Rokran smiled and looked at the kid. “Where are your parents?”

“I don’t have a daddy, and my mommy was taken by the NMC.”

“Ah, The Nexcore Mining Company, eh? I’ve heard of em.”

Samoon nodded and asked “Can I go with you?”

“Go with me where?” Rokran replied.

“To the Jedi Temple, silly! I’ve heard of them before! I want to go, I wanna be a Jedi.”

Rokran glared down at the youngling and said “Hmm, Alright follow me. I’ll see what the others can do with you.” He smiled and took Samoon by the hand up to the shuttle.
Samoon thanked Rokran, and is currently at the temple waiting for his chance to become a Jedi.

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