JEDI HoloNet


Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Farrfin

Mentor(s): Syrena Exan

Species: Farghul


“You will become something better than us, my son. Show us that the Jedi can be trusted again…Because I know you’ll follow your dreams with your heart…As well as your tongue.” Salvong’s father winked at his young son along with a quirky grin. Salvong grew up in a well-known criminal family, extending far out to the main powers that controlled Farrfin, especially in Farlhu with their infamous Betting houses. Because of this, Sal had to learn quickly about the way the world worked. His father taught him many tricks of the trade at an early age; Pickpocketing, scamming, and most of all; A charismatic attitude.

By the age of ten, Salvong had already charmed many with his young, childish features to hand them their money, as well as to take it from them unnoticed. This pleased his father, but he soon realized that the life of a criminal was not for his son. Telshon’s realization of this was through spending time with his playful, cunning son. He saw that he valued playing with his friends and messing around in the streets that his father so ‘greatly’ owned. He knew that Salvong’s quick learning and unusually fast thinking for his age had to mean something bigger than Farrfin. Perhaps Telshon didn’t want his only son to grow up to be what he was; A gangster in a snake’s skin.

It was because of this that Telshon looked for information on the adversaries that the Farghul were most cautious about; The Jedi Order. Once Salvong reached the age of Twelve, Telshon had contacted a Jedi Scout to come and take his son. Of course, Salvong knew quickly that he was being sent away with no recollection of being told. He lacked the understanding of why he had to go, and when his father told him that he was destined for greater things, Sal only saw it as an excuse for his father to no longer deal with him. He quickly learned the art of sarcasm, as well as playing bad jokes. Perhaps Sal pictured this as one of them, and went along with his Father’s scheme. Little did the young Farghul know that his whole life would change. He would be able to experience life from a different perspective, and not as a criminal mastermind. He could change his people’s way of thinking towards the Jedi if he, a son of one of the strongest Farghul families on Farrfin, became a Jedi himself…