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Sai Lys Osi

Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Yutan

Species: Belovian


Born to the planet of Yutan, Sai Lys Osi was born in a time of distress within his people’s history. Due to the global evacuation of his species from Lao Rem, he was born to Yutan within a evacuation encampment that was set up by the Republic. He was given a rough start to life, however his parents managed to ensure that the young Belovian got the limited education that he needed to get ahead in life. With both his parents being priests, following in tradition of his people. Though, with the current despair his people had endured due to the recent ice age to his people’s homeworld, Sai’s parents were occupied with their duties within the Church. Though, this life would be expected of Sai, he couldn’t envision himself spending his entire life inside of a Church despite the honor of dedicating his life to Bel Lyv Vna. He saw a greater path for himself, in his dreams.

Though, through sheer luck, an expedition into the situation surrounding Belovians was started and led by a Jedi Knight from Ossus, specializing in relief aid missions. Upon this expedition, the Jedi would stay in the encampment that Sai was born in and end up meeting the Belovian child by coincidence. The pair would converse and get into long conversation about religion and culture, the worlds beyond his own. Eventually the pair would end up bonding over the next eight cycles. When it was time for the Jedi to depart Yutan, the boy was adamant that he stayed. The stories he had told the young Belovian of the Jedi and their duties, their servitude to ‘The Force’ a concept the young boy couldn’t wrap his head around but simply found it easier to understand that it was a gift from Bel Lyv Vna, inspired the boy and he would eventually ask the man to take him with him. After begging and pleading, eventually the Jedi Knight would give in and offer a Force Sensitivity test to Sai, coming up with a result of positive. The Jedi would then instruct the boy to find his parents out from the crowd of priests and priestesses, explaining the process and asking for their permission to take the boy to train to become a Jedi.

Sai Lys Osi would then be assigned to the Ilum branch where he would be initiated and pass the trials to make it to padawanhood. Due to a issue with a close relationship, Sai would request transfer to the Rannon Praxeum.