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Sadjoo Hawieedu

Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Rodia

Mentor(s): Voh Phaar

Species: Rodian


Like most Rodians, Sajdoo was bred for the hunt, that primal instinct deeply embedded in his genome. Despite the galactic reach of Rodia, old habits die hard, and the habit of hunting was very much still alive within his clan, the Chekkoo. From a young age, he and many other hopefuls were taught the way of the hunt by the clan’s elders, their practices laying just outside of the Galactic Republic’s reach.

It was mostly by chance that Sajdoo was found by the Watchmen of the Jedi Order; through a mix of unfortunate events and incredible luck. During a brief foray into the jungles of Rodia on a hunt, their party were assaulted from a nearby waterfront by an old, yet angry Ghest, a terrible creature of Rodian legend. Were it not for the intervention of that single Watchman the entire party would have inevitably been wiped out, but by pure chance (Or the will of the Force) they were saved by the lone Jedi’s adept mastery in mind techniques, weaving Animal Friendship over the beast and luring it back into the deep.

The Jedi asked nothing in return but a single member of that group, having felt Sadjoo’s above-average presence in the force whilst saving the group. It transpired that the Watchman was simply on a diplomatic mission, and while this was a surprise, it was certainly not an unwelcome one for Sadjoo. He accepted with minor hesitation, and joined the Jedi in his journey back to the temple after his diplomatic foray into the Rodia.