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Saay Na


Homeworld: Kamino

Species: Kaminoan


A planet filled with chaotic storms that ravage the world on a daily basis, manages to somehow be the home of the elegantly peaceful, scientific pioneering inhabitants known as Kaminoans.
The species are not known for producing force-sensitive children, however in rare instances it does occur.

Saay Na, born in 399.06 ABY was one exemplified instance.
Besides being force-sensitive, she was born with dark gray eyes. This trait meant that she was destined for a greater career like her mother and father, who were some of Kaminos most promising engineers. Tuna Na, the mother, was a genetics engineer, whilst the father, Hyue Na was the chief terraforming engineer of Kamino.
Due to Hyue Nas high status, it meant that Saay was, like so many other Kaminoan minors, left alone with sleek, white service droids who’d co-parent her in her day to day life.

As days turned into weeks, weeks into months and months into years, Saay became more specialized in the various courses she attended, many of which were beyond advanced for her age. However, it was deemed that Saay’s capabilities were somewhat above the norm. Displaying traits worthy of attention, she was under consideration for duties among the Planetary Administration. A goal that was set for quite down the line in her future, but within the Kaminoan culture the journey was meant to start early on.

As Saay Na were groomed for such responsibilities, various Kaminoans turned their attention to her which resulted in an increased stern hand from the Na family.
This also meant that Saay was rarely allowed to interact with other Kaminoans at her respective age, instead she became isolated and dedicated much of her time with Kaminoans that were much older and more wise. These Kaminoans taught her proper etiquette, mannerisms and the appreciation of doing even the most tedious and mediocre task with the outmost dignity.

In 410.16 ABY an allegation was made.
Saay was not natural.
A minor incident in the genetical engineering laboratory, section 173-B16-TIPOCA occurred.
It all began when Saay Na was attending an advanced class in dissecting brain material from unknown origin.
A service droid malfunctioned.
Saay fell to the floor in pure shock.
The droid started to tip over in her direction and as a natural reaction she closed her eyes, extending her hands.
The droid suddenly shifted direction, landing beside her.
The holographic recording of the accident was instantly transmitted to Hyue and Tula Na.

Tula Na summoned her daughter, Saay Na to perform a series of genetical, biological and chemical diagnostics. It was at this point that Tula Na, alongside her engineering team discovered that her daughter had an unusual biological defect. After a rather long and weary debate it was determined not to terminate the young Kaminoan, but rather contact the Jedi Master known as Sirius Invictus. The kaminoans scrapped their plans for Saay informing her of her new task at hand.

Follow the instructions of Jedi Master Sirius Invictus, whom hailed from the Rannon Branch.

It was at 410.19 ABY that Saay Na departed the Kamino system, making way for Rannon.