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Ryrek Flavius

Ryrek Flavius

Homeworld: Bakura

Mentor(s): Soh Raun

Species: Human


Like many other children on Bakura, Ryrek was born to a small family with average income and accommodation. His father Breston, was one of the many other engineers repairing and creating Repulsor Lifts in the suburbs of Salis Daar. Erma, Ryrek’s mother provided the family with the most income, she was one of the few qualified teachers that taught at her son’s school.

At this time Ryrek was a happy 4 year old boy who would often go and play with his friends at their apartments, however, most of their parents were often jealous of Erma’s position as a teacher and began to try and get their children not to be friends with Ryrek. Even though Ryrek’s mother was a teacher, he was getting the lowest grades in the class and his parents began to worry. Ryrek was completely different than his 8 year older brother named Sekker, who kept getting one of the highest grades in the class cycle after cycle.

When Ryrek turned 5, his parents received news that a small school in Gesco City was looking for a qualified teacher who could afford to live nearby. The pay was slightly better than her current job and Sekker had passed his Secondary Levels so was expected to be accepted into a university. During their last day at Salis Daar, Ryrek was crying his eyes out as he said his final goodbyes to his small group of friends.

Ryrek hated Gesco City as soon as he arrived, their apartment was a lot smaller, there was a constant churning noise from all the factories nearby and traffic was a lot worse. He hadn’t made any friends at all because everyone was ignoring him and making fun of his Salis accent but things got worse, Ryrek was still failing all of his subjects and because of this people just laughed at him and shouted “It’s the dumb ass from Salis Daar” and started following him as he walked home from school. Ryrek was now very shy and quiet but he always had one friend, his brother. Sekker knew what was going on but couldn’t do anything to help, so instead he would always play games with Ryrek and ignore all the prank calls that came to their apartment.

At age 8 Ryrek still hadn’t made any friends and his grades stayed the same. However his brother had got along very well with his neighbours and had made a great deal of friends, as well as finding a girlfriend there. Semmek was now about to enter university and the only ones on Bakura are located at Salis Daar, so he knew that he’d have to leave Gesco City and return back to Salis Daar with his girlfriend. Ryrek was devastated at the news and never had the proper chance to say goodbye to his older brother, he now didn’t have anyone to talk to and begin staying at home more and more.

Though one day, after suffering a usual humiliating day at school Ryrek walked briskly down the street trying to avoid any bullies but bumped into a very young man dressed in smart robes. The young man bent over and smiled at Ryrek saying
“I’m awfully sorry about that son”. Ryrek just stood still and stared at the tall man, who outstretched his hand for a shake .
“My name is Lebro … What’s your name son?” Ryrek shook his hand and said very quietly
The Jedi named Lebro walked Ryrek home and began telling him of who he was, though he was surprised that Ryrek knew very little of what a Jedi was. When they arrived at the Flavius apartment Lebro met and had a discussion with Ryrek’s mother and father while he was in the other room playing.
“Everything happens for a reason, Mr and Mrs Flavius, I bumped into Ryrek for a reason..” said Lebro, smiling.
Several hours passed and the 3 of them agreed that Ryrek should follow Lebro, Breston and Erma knew full well that Ryrek wouldn’t be able to achieve anything with his current level of education.
“Don’t worry honey, this young man’s going to let you see Sekker for a while… You’ll only be with him for a cycle though…” said Erma, close to breaking down in tears.
Ryrek’s eyes widened and quickly hugged his parents before following Lebro into his shuttle.
But Ryrek was taken to the Jedi Academy of Corellia where he stayed for a few days before being re assigned to the Yavin IV Academy.