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Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Coruscant


Species: Stennes Shifter


Rynn is an orphan who grew up in an orphanage in the lower levels of Coruscant. She never knew who her parents were, but she considered the orphanage curator as her mother for the first part of her childhood. In the time spent on Coruscant she grew up surrounded by other orphans, with relative serenity. Although it was a dream for many orphans to be adopted, Rynn did not share the sam idea, thinking that she would be happier among her peers, under the care of the curator.

One day, however, her turn came. This was privilege that would occur to only a few orphans, but apparently she was among the “lucky ones”. An elderly man in a strange tunic was there to talk to the curator when Rynn, after being summoned, entered the room. The curator explained to Rynn that the man was a Jedi and that his Order had shown interest in taking care of her. The Jedi added that he was traveling to search for young force sensitives and that he felt that she had the potential to become a Jedi, if she would be ready to put effort and perseverance into it. Rynn was not thrilled with this proposal at first and offered no response, seeking a sign of approval from the curator. The woman who knew Rynn better than anyone, urged the girl to reflect on the offer, stressing that this could represent the realization of a dream for many less fortunate orphans than her. Rynn took her leave without saying a word, but before she did the Jedi declared that he would return after three days to receive a response. During this time Rynn cried a lot, but was encouraged by everyone to go. When the Jedi returned, Rynn accepted the offer and left.

The Jedi led her to the Jedi temple of Ossus, an environment totally different from what Rynn had known, and, above all, where she knew nobody. After putting her personal belongings in a chest, she wandered around the temple trying to settle in, but inevitably getting lost in the large halls and endless corridors unknown to her. Sad as she was, she thought of her friends and the curator, and in despair she began to cry in a corner of a corridor, when, suddenly, she heard the voices of other kids approaching. She did not have time to wipe away the tears from her face that the group of kids saw her. The relief of not being alone anymore was short lived, as Rynn soon became the mocking object of those kids. Her unusual appearance made her strange in their eyes and for some reason even repulsive. Rynn tried to fight back, but the blow she suffered hit an open wound. This event profoundly marked Rynn, who although soon settled in the temple, always felt pushed to hide her appearance with scarves, hoods or simply avoiding others where possible. Nonetheless, she exceeded the expectations of the Jedi, being initiated into the Order.

One day, during a training class, participants were asked to wear protective equipment, including masks. For Rynn that was the first time she felt free not to have to hide her appearance, and she was happy because she was able to interact with others with a freedom that she had never felt since leaving the orphanage. Rynn asked the teacher who had held the class if she could keep a mask, and she allowed her to do so, although the reason was unclear at the time. Since then, Rynn has worn the mask more and more often, ashamed of her appearance without it. Soon a Jedi Knight realized this and slowly formed a connection with Rynn. She hadn’t had such a strong connection with anyone before, other than the curator. For her he was a father figure, as well as a loving and dedicated teacher. It was he who first became aware of how Rynn, since her early years in the temple, had developed concealment skills which, although typical for those of her specie, had probably been involuntarily trained whenever she avoided showing her face because of the embarrassment. Rynn understood that her master’s words would since then be aimed at “healing” her shyness and fear of showing herself, but although she appreciated the attempt, she did not think that this posed a problem at all. Nonetheless, she accepted a request from her teacher: every time they would train together, she would remove her mask. It was then that Rynn realized that the mask was now an obsession for her, as every time she removed it she felt distracted and confused, and avoided direct eye contact with anyone. It took her a long time and effort to get used to train and give her best without concealing her aspect. Nonetheless, she continued to wear her mask as a reminder of what she had been through and of what it represented. Thanks to her stealth skills, Rynn represented a valuable asset in several missions, both alone and in team.

Among her missions, one of the most relevant for her was when she was sent to join a team to investigate and arrest an Hutt crime lord that had expanded his cartel on Sriluur and had violently expanded his influence in other planets. Rynn joined a well-established team of Jedi and non-force sensitive special forces that was to break into the gangster’s lair with a precise plan for both intrusion and extraction. The mission didn’t go as planned, as the Hutt had learned about it thanks to his affiliation with the local government and contacts in the planetary security forces. As soon as the team snuck inside the fortress, they were caught in an ambush and taken prisoner. After being captured, they were taken to a desert prison, now in the hands of criminals. The hutt wanted to use the prisoners to host spectacular combats against assassin droids. Rynn used her time in imprisonment to study the layout of the prison and develop an escape plan, eventually managing to sneak out of her cell and around the prison unnoticed, successfully managing to have those who had survived among her companions to evade. Her imprisonment lasted a few cycles, but ultimately the survivors made their way back, and although the mission had failed the rescue itself was enough to consider it a personal success for the young Jedi, who was later awarded with the rank of Jedi Knight.

After the conclusion of the events regarding the “Void”, she was asked to move to the former branch of Rannon that had now moved to Alzoc III after the incidents that had occured on Rannon’s Praxeum. She accepted the task, moving knowing that this would not be a farewell, but the beginning of a new adventure.