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Ryn Yuo

Ryn Yuo
Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Ziost

Mentor(s): Alkaiser Aruladan

Species: Human


Young and determined, Ryn Yuo always showed dedication to whatever he attends himself to. While only at the begining, his path of the Jedi ways is already filled with great knowledge, that he had always carried.


As the sun rose over the rocky terrain of Ziost, looking down upon the new day as the people began to awake, a young boy Ryn Yuo, aged 5, slowly awoke and crawled out of his bed to the window, looking out over the property that he and his Father lived on. Ryn’s mother passed away in childbirth, and his older brother Damion, apparently, had disappeared, though no one worried too much – he was far more than able to handle himself.

Ryn walked downstairs to the kitchen where his father, Liasien Yuo, was preparing breakfast for them. ‘Good morning father.’ Ryn said to his father in a very respectful tone. ‘Good morning Ryn, today I have some work on the Droids, so I will be gone most of the day. Will you be able to take care of the things here?’, Ryn simply nodded, as he began to stack up the dishes and begin his daily chores.

As Ryn was in his doing, a faint knock on the door distracted the young boy. As he walked to open the door, he saw a man, limping and holding his chest – it was apparent that the man was in pain. The stranger then introduced himself as Shimi Zaki. He claimed he was attacked by nearby road-theift and was hurt.

Ryn could not let him go off without some healing, as he let the man enter the house. As Zaki lied down on the counch, Ryn noticed a strange metalic tube hanging from his belt, but kept quite about it.

Hours had passed as Ryn stopped to take a break; he took pride in everything he did, and doing it well. Feeling quite exhausted. After giving a look-see to this guest, he sat down outside on the front step of the small house. For a split second, Ryn fainted into a half-sleep, until something dragged him back to reality, with a strange feeling that his father was in trouble.

Ryn ran to the back of the house, to his father’s workshop. There, he saw his father perfectly fine. Liasien was so focused working under a scaffold that he didn’t even noticed his son. For a moment, Ryn thought he must have just had been imagining things, when he saw the rope holding the scaffold were stretching and fraying. He did not stop to think – he just reacted – the scaffolds began to fall as Liasien just looked up in terror, as Ryn ran towards him with unhuman speed, even though not fast enough. Ryn then leaped and threw his arms out as hard as he could, trying to push his father out of the way. As the boy threw out his arms, an unseen force literally threw Liasien off his feet and flying backwards out of the way.

Just then, the stranger rushed in the workshop, slamming the door open, holding his metalic tube in his right hand with a steady grip, which at the same time showed finesse. Then Shimi noticed the large scaffold laying on the ground and asked what had happened, and Ryn told him everything that had happened, from the odd feeling of his father being in trouble, to the faster than normal running, and to seemingly pushing him out of the way. The wise master then pondered for a moment, and took Ryn’s father with him in the next room.

When the two returned, Shimi knelt down to Ryn’s eye level, and in a calm reassuring voice told him that the abilities he had used that day, were actually focused for energies, and that Ryn himself was quite strong in the Force, and would be taken to the Jedi temple, for training. Ryn’s heart jumped, he had always heard stories about the Jedi and the deeds that they had done across the universe, and now, he had a chance to become one. Ryn packed some clothes, leaving his belongings behind, so he would have no attachments, he followed Shimi to his ship, where Ryn hugged his Father good bye, and then set off with the Jedi Master, into the Sunset.

After many years under the careful eye of the Nautolan Jedi Knight Alkaiser Aruladan, duties elsewhere, and perhaps a call from the Force itself, requested that young Yuo interrupt his training in progress, and resigned from the Order in year 222.

A few years later, the young man, Ryn Yuo, would be seen often in Cantinas searching the hololistings for jobs. He searched and searched, always sitting alone. Not once had he made a friend out in the rim, and he had hit rock bottom. Ryn lay back in his chair, looking up on the neon lights, as once more he was thrown out of the Cantina for not purchasing anything.
He thought back to the academy, to his friends, Master Axem Keigoku, Master Shimi Zaki, his former mentor Alkaiser Aruladan, and the rest. He had always thought himself to be an outcast, not fitting in, perhaps it was the fact that he did fit in, that drove the fear even deeper.

Pacing down the same old road, Ryn, hands in the pockets of his coat, paced down an all too familar road. He was stopped in his tracks, by two men. ‘Jar-Hle doesnt like patrons who sit around using his holoports all day and dont pay for drinks’ said the larger of the two men, clenching his fists. Ryn dashed to the right, a soft leap over a step, landing in an alleyway. He blitzed down the road, ‘WHAM!’ another man walked out from the side, carrying a pipe that had just knocked the wind out of Ryn. Rolling over, stumbling, trying to grab his breath, the young man looked at the three thugs approaching. He glanced to the side seeing another pipe, he didnt think, just acted.

The pipe somehow flew through the air, to the palm of his hand, Twirling the pipe, it had the all too familiar feel of his old lightsaber. The small, muscular man carrying the pipe charged in at Ryn, the blow was parried, and as Ryn came back around, struck the back of his knee, causing him to go down.

The other two men looked at their partner, wide eyed and afraid, and bolted in the other direction. The young man droped the metal pole from his hand than stared into his palms. He walked the streets of Nar Shadda till he could find an aircab and spent the last few credits he had on a ride to the spaceport. He walked around looking for a ship heading for the Yavin Systems. ‘Last Call for Flight 2659 to Yavin 4, please proceed to Docking Bay 12 for processing, thank you’ a voice boomed over the loud speaker.

The ship, nothing more than a mere frieghter, began loading people on board. Ryn snuck around the cargo bay doors, slipping inside, hiding behind a rack of bags, and fell asleep.

The frieghter landed just on the edge of a forest, he traveled through the forest, following instict, and feeling more than knowledge, untill he came upon the front of a large stone building,… The young Man looked up, and for the first time in a long time had a smile apon his face, and said to himself,…

‘At Last,… Im Home,…’

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