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Rutrik Dagath


Homeworld: Er'Kit

Species: Nagai/Arkanian


Rutrik Dagath was born to his parents Atinail Dagath (Arkanian mother) and Nema Yoht (Nagai father) on the desert planet of Er’Kit in the Noonian sector of the Outer Rim. His ancestors (7 generations back on his father’s side, 4 back on his mother’s side) were some of the first to resettle the planet after the attacks on it during the Yuuzhan Vong War, having been some of the refugees lucky enough to make it out of system, with the Nagai ancestors also having been part of the Nagai expeditionary force and the Nagai-Tof War, the stories of these battles having been passed down through the generations. His mother’s side was less proud of their history, and tended to gloss over it, with service to the Galatic Empire a known thing, and a part of how the two families came to know one another with the Nagai alliance with the Galatic Empire.

This pride in battle and reluctance to accept the part that his ancestors had played in aiding the Galactic Empire is something that formed the young boy’s upbringing, with pride, honor, and a contradictory desire to hide the past being key points he learned as he aged. He was brought up to be a proud fighter, his father crafting plasteel bracers to mimic a set made of Beskar ones his ancestors had been gifted after the retaking of Nagi for their honor and ferocity in the battles which Rutrik wore proudly everywhere that he could get away with it, even sleeping with them on. This fighting spirit is strong in the young boy, and as he grew older, he became a shop hand for the local weapon and armor makers, observing the workers as they want about making the armors and weapons for the colony’s defense. One of the perks of this was that he was able to further upon a blooming interest of his, with the workers letting him tinker around with the old, beyond repair blasters that lay around. Fortunately, this never led to any serious injuries, though he did end up missing a chunk of his left ear after an unfortunate blaster accident. He’s never been able to put one together, but by the Force, he’s good at taking them apart! His mother encouraged the tinkering and explorative side of him, hoping that he may one day become an engineer or scientist, while his father was proud of his boy for continuing to honor the arts of war that his ancestors had known much of.

However, as the boy grew older, his parents began to notice things that made them worry, circumstances of some of his fights with the other children that were just too strange for them. With the knowledge of the Jedi, their ancestors having fought against and alongside them, they reached out and asked a passing Jedi Watchman if they could do something or look into these happenings, unsure of what could be the case.