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Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Dathomir

Mentor(s): Sirius Invictus

Species: Dathomirian


The crisp morning air filled her lungs as she took in a deep breath whilst she meditated in the enclave courtyard. The sound of the Birth flying overhead and the soft wind blowing through the trees were all that was heard early in the morning. Despite the serenity around the young Padawan, her mind was awash with the events of the past few cycles. She continued to relive them over and over, initially by choice, now by force of habit, perhaps hoping to find fault in her actions, something to bear blame for. To no avail, however. These events continued to weigh heavily on her, and likely would continue to for some time.

“Rukia! Rukia! Its time, Master Ramel and the Council are ready for you”, the young Nautolan stated, breaking the Padawan’s concentration. Her eyes fluttered open and she stood up, turning to face her friend. “I’m not sure what this talk with the Council will bring, Aizen. I guess I will have to go regardless,” she muttered begrudgingly. “Maybe they can help you figure things out? I know its been rough for you ever since Master Lai die-I mean became one with the Force”, her friend stated nervously, rapidly correcting himself. “Its alright, Fong”, she placed her hands on his shoulders reassuringly. “I know he’s gone. No need to sugar coat it”, she then made her way towards the edge the courtyard, overlooking the famous rolling plains that had characterized Dantooine for so long. Looking over them, she let out one long sigh before turning on her heels and making her way to the Council’s inner chamber.

“I’ll see you later for lunch, Rukia- don’t forget! Its noodles with Phirk meat, onions and gravy today- your favorite,” the Nautolan said hopefully. “You bet I’ll be there!”, the young Padawan replied as she made her way through the winding courtyard. Walking through the courtyard and the enclave’s halls always brought back a rush of emotions in Rukia. These emotions have shifted now-a-days, however, from ones of warmth and joy, to ones of regret and sadness. She had called Dantooine’s temple home for almost six years now, but everywhere she looked she found reminders of her former mentor.

Closing in on her destination, the council chamber, she came across the enclave’s fountain. A sizable, but comparably small structure, it was the site of many late-night discussions with Master Lai. Discussions that grew to shape her perspectives on her fellow Jedi, the Order, the Republic, and the galaxy around her. She took a moment to sit down by the fountain. Her gaze fixated on the water as it dropped back down into the fountain, creating ripples in the water, traveling outwards. “Fancy seeing you here, Rukia”, a gruff, but all-too-familiar voice bellowed. A large Lasat, clad in brown robes stood tall over the young Padawan. She looked up to her friend, smiling, “I live here, you know. You’re bound to run into me.” The Lasat reached down with his arm and playfully ruffled up Rukia’s silvery white hair, letting out a loud laugh that had become as synonymous with his presence. “Good, well, I hope you’ve been feeling better. I heard you are heading to talk to the Council. Any idea what they want with you?”, he asks, seemingly curious. Rukia shook her head before rolling her shoulders in a soft shrug, “When do I ever know what they want, really?”. He laughed again, his voice echoing through the empty halls, “Well, we’ll find out soon! I’d better see more of you around, we’ve missed you.” A soft smile formed on the young Padawan’s face, dipping her head, “I will see you later.” He nodded firmly before marching off.

Master Lai was not Rukia’s first master. He was the one she grew to fond of the most, however. The young Padawan had a rather unique upbringing. She had been born under uncertain circumstances of which she remembers very little on the harsh world of Dathomir. Famous for its Rancor taming Nightsisters who had by now become extinct. Her earliest memories are of an old woman named Kotetsu who had raised her on that world. She was harsh on the young girl, the pair living a rather spartan lifestyle within the murky jungle covering most of the world. Kotetsu would teach her much about their world and the strength with-which one must face what lay in store for them. She stressed independence, resourcefulness, and a willingness to fight for what you need. She was not her mother as far as she knew, but she certainly thought of her as such. Her time on Dathomir would be cut short, with Kotetsu taking her to Dantooine when the situation on Dathomir had become too tenuous for them to stay. Her parting words with Kotetsu were an odd choice at the time, but one that she had grown to appreciate more as time went on, “Remember, it is always good to have allies, friends, and family by your side. But there will always be a time when you will be on your own. It is in these moments that you must truly define yourself from the influence of others. It is when you become who you are truly meant to be.”

These words were never more true than they were today. She stood herself up and made her way to the Council chamber. Her mind drifted to thoughts of her late Master, “Remember Rukia, while I may not be always with you, my teachings will always be with you.” She took comfort in his words. He always knew what to say to make her feel at ease- a stark contrast to her upbringing. Kotetsu had made a point of making her feel on edge most of the time, ensuring that she was always moving. A necessity to be sure, but her time with Master Lai was one that fostered trust and kindness.

“Padawan Rukia, we are glad to see you here today”, Knight Ramel stated warmly. She continued, “We realize your time has been difficult, but we are proud of the strength of character that you have shown in the face of such adversity.” There is little more difficult than losing a mentor, especially one as kind as Master Lai”, Master Kenz speaking in a gruff voice. “We appreciate that it may be difficult to go beyond this loss for you whilst here at this enclave.” Rukia tilted her head to one side, opening her lips to speak, but choosing not to. It was not wise to interrupt the Jedi Council. “We believe it would be best for you to have a change of venue,” Knight Ramel continued, “While it pains us to see you leave this enclave, we feel it would be best for you as a person and as a Jedi.” Rukia stood silent, her mind awash with questions. “We believe the branch at Alzoc III may be suitable for you,” Master Kenz stated flatly, he continued, “The shuttle leaves immediately. Say your goodbyes to your friends. You will not be returning here for some time.” Rukie felt she had little to say in the matter. Stunned, but resolved to her face her fate with the strength she had been taught to display in such circumstances, she offered a respectful bow. “I will do as you ask, Masters”, Rukia said politely. “Dismissed,” Master Kenz stated sharply. The young Padawan made her way out. She paused outside the council chambers, laying her back against the wall, and letting out a sharp exhale. She knew she had no choice in the matter, but could, even in her current state, see the wisdom in their decision. Resolved to her new fate, She made her way to her room, packed her bags and climbed the shuttle to her new life.