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Rui Vuusen

Rui Vuusen
Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Rattatak

Mentor(s): Illrian Damaris, Rita Sandria

Species: Rattataki

Padawan(s): Shaok Panek


Rui was born with only ever knowing his father. unknowing to him, his mother passed away soon after giving birth to him. His father was a gladiator in one of the local rings on Rattatak and was one of the best to have ever come from his region.

Soon though, as always happened another stepped up and took down Rui’s father, killing him. Rui was four at the time and was soon sent into an orphanage. Rui did not mind at first, infact he somewhat enjoyed it. He was never close to his father as he was always away or stuck at home. Being in the orphanage gave him the oppertunity to have friends and grow.
Rui spent two years at the orphanage before he was eventually picked up by his soon to be new parents. Two humans from Corsucant wished to adopt Rui into their family. Moving to Coruscant with his new family, would change his life forever. Just under a year of getting to know his family, then his mother and father were approached by the Jedi. Rui was apparently a force sensitive child and now being so close to the Jedi they could finally detect it. The family decided that it may be best for Rui to be tested and sent them off with the Jedi. It was soon decided that the boy could be trained, but that it best he be sent to the Alzoc temple for further testing before he started.