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Ru Seentras


Homeworld: Tatooine

Species: Zabrak


At the age of 23, Ryah Looptie, had a child with Narah Seentras, age 25. These two were madly in love. They lived in a hideout to stay away from their families, so they took refuge on Tatooine. These two were young, never had any younger siblings, so they decided to give their newest child, Ru, up to better parents. As soon as Ru was born, both his parents found a suitable couple to take care of their child. But, they made sure this couple was to never be looked at by the child as his rightful parents. So, they constantly told him they were his “Guardians.”

These “guardians” which will remain unnamed, were happy people. A man and a women, no other children then their newly adopted Ru. They decided not to change his name and keep his name the way it was. This was in hopes that Ru could eventually figure out one day that his guardians were not his parents, and maybe he could track his parents down one day.

With the up bringing of simple slavers, these guardians kept Ru a secret to their Masters. They didn’t want to see Ru get enslaved. So they kept him a secret for as long as they could. But, it was getting hard for them they more Ru grew.

A little after Ru turned 5, both his Guardians decided it would be best to send him somewhere safe, where he wouldn’t have to hide. His guardians didn’t know if Ru was special or not. They just had heard of a Jedi Temple from another Jedi that had visited Tatooine. So, they sent their child off to the Temple, in hopes he would not be to sad to leave.

Now, the youngling lives with the Jedi, in hopes to eventually become on. He knows he won’t be seeing his guardians anytime soon again. Ru knows that. But he doesn’t know what is ahead of him now.