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Rowan Stryx


Homeworld: Tatooine

Species: Human


Rowen was born into poverty, and knew hard work from the time she could walk. Her parents had been poor, simple-minded moisture farmers on tattooine, scraping by to produce mere gallons of water to exchange for food. Times were rough, and her mother’s health began to wain
Rowan’s father, Dax, desperately loved her mother, and tried everything to keep her healthy, eventually even selling their small farm to afford the exhorbitantly overpriced medicines. Rowan did not understand these changes, being quite young herself. She knew her mother had been sick, but when they moved from their small hut in the desert, to a sparse hut in the city, she was devastated. Dax was desperate, but nothing worked. Finally, accepting fate, he became cold, uncaring, squandering the last of his funds of alcohol and sometimes even harder drugs to escape the hand he had been dealt. Rowan’s mother, Charla, withered before her very eyes, and soon fell asleep, never to awaken. Life in the city became immensely more terrifying, and her father seemed distant and mean.

The body sat for days, Dax sobbing uncontrollably, face buried in Charla’s rags, fist clutching a bottle of booze.
Rowan began to understand that the world was cruel, and hard in that moment, and at the age of 9, she began to loose hope. Soon, Dax began to deteriorate in health, afflicted by his heavy drinking. Rowan loved her father, and accepted his verbal barrages, and sometimes even physical beatings with an understanding of his own immense pain.

Dax, twisted by addiction, sold his last reminder of Charla, their own daughter, to slavers in the year 384. Rowan was a pretty, young girl, and sold fairly quickly, the slavers accompanying her drooling father to their home to bag and nab the girl.
For what it was worth, the slavers weren’t terrible. At least they fed and clothed her, though they cut her hair and branded her. Because she was young, she was not forced into intensive labor, instead she was sent off to a black market Slaver’s Faire.
At the market, many people examined her, often in an invasive way, and she was made to feel extremely uncomfortable. One individual stuck out though, a rather gentle, and sweet Rodian in dark robes. Faera was thrown back in the cages, and some hours passed. At nightfall, the faire closed, and she was sure that she wasn’t sold, doomed to a life of being worked to death mining. Moments after resigning herself to fate, keys jangled, and by the firelight, she recognized that the Rodian from earlier was apparently picking a number of slaves from the cages. To her great surprise she was also chosen.

Fear crept through her, and she didn’t trust this strange alien but she complied, following the strange rodian to his ship, accompanying the other 3 children he had purchased. They were given warm food, and a change of clothing, but he queerly took samples of their blood. None of the children understood why, and huddled together out of fear. They were never really told why. Left curious, but safe, they began to travel hyperspace to some unknown destination.

Jedi Watchman Gree Xyngo had determined that two of the children he had scanned were actually force sensitive, with midochlorians in the range to suggest they would benefit from jedi training. One of those children was the 11 year old, Rowan Stryx.
Rowan Stryx seems to be an obedient but traumatized girl, but she has since warmed up to the treatment of the Jedi who saved her, and could benefit from the teachings of the order.