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Rothel Janoo

Rothel Janoo
Padawan Learner

Homeworld: Naboo

Mentor(s): Karmarie Zar, Vlihu Civuq

Species: Human


Rothel Janoo. That was the name of the boy who almost no one liked; it was the name of an outcast, but Rothel found ways to entertain himself aside from cliques. His father was a police technician who was trained to take whatever he could find and hammer it into something useful. He taught Rothel how to tinker with basic scraps and components, until after a while, Rothel didn’t even need his father’s help.

The event all started, one day, when Rothel was up helping one of his few friends, Bryan, repair a damaged solar panel on his roof.

“Hey, hand me that hydrospanner,” Bryan called over his back. As Rothel tossed Bryan the tool, he said: “If you can get me that welding torch.” In unison, they swapped tools and continued working. Rothel had remembered why Bryan was his friend; because they were alike, or, in a manner of speaking.

Bryan was wanted by one of the local gangs for backing out of a deal. Sure, a deal’s a deal, but it would’ve put Bryan in a lot of trouble, or worse, dead. Since Rothel’s dad was in the police force, and Bryan had committed no felonies, they decided to provide him with a shelter. None of the gang knew about it, so there was a plus.

Bryan and Rothel were just about to finish up when a clank was heard from behind them. They both turned to discover a rodian clad in a white shirt, black pants, and a speeder vest. It was a member of the gang. Bryan stood up and readied his fists. Rothel, however, tried to resolve the conflict peacefully, but to no avail. The rodian charged forward and took a swing, as Bryan ducked just in time to miss it and deliver an equally painful fist to the face. Several punches were exchanged, and even a kick or two. Eventually, Bryan was forced to the edge.

As the rodian prepared to deliver the final blow, Rothel shouted “NO!” as he reached out his arm. However, there was nothing he could do. The rodian’s fist made contact with Bryan’s chest, and he went tumbling through the air. The rodian, surprisingly, did the same thing. He too fell off the roof. As they fell, a man dressed in a brown robe quickly moved to stop their fall. He held out both hands with outstretched arms, and both Bryan and the gang grunt slowed to a stop just before hitting the ground.

Later that night, at dinner, Rothel and his parents were visited by the same robed man. After explaining the story to Rothel’s parents, and that the Force is present in him, they agreed with the man taking Rothel to a temple. A temple where people who use this thing called the Force train and study to bring peace; These people called Jedi.