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Rorik Vakanlore


Homeworld: Tatooine

Species: Zabrak


Rorik Vakanlore was born in the city of Bestine, capital of the desert planet Tatooine. His Mother, a human and life-time resident and wealthy slaver of the planet, and Father, a Zabrak born of Dathomir, did not look upon the life of their only child with much value. Rorik grew up receiving little attention or care, although lacking those things, proved himself a caring and disciplined young boy. Though, living in a selfish household which solely cared and relied upon money and violence for happiness and survival, young Vakanlore could not see a meaningful future for himself staying with his parents.

As Rorik grew older, sadly his treatment only became worse. He began growing taller and stronger. Once Rorik’s horns began to develope across his head, his Father, being the Prideful man he is, took it upon himself to scar the markings of his Family lineage across his face. Hardly any decisions were left to make on his own and his patience grew thinner day by day.

Shortly after Rorik’s 11th birthday he was able to stow aboard a private shuttle heading for Coruscant, leaving the cruel lifestyle of slaving behind once and for all. During the travel through space in route to the core worlds it became obvious to Rorik that his presence on the ship had been noticed from the beginning, and surprisely welcomed. To his surprise the shuttle of which he boarded belonged to Jedi Order and amongst its crew was Jedi Knight Drak’mor Sin, a Kel Dor belonging to the Coruscant branch of the Jedi Order.

Master Sin informed Rorik that he was aware of his intentions before he boarded the ship and that he in fact had been in Bestine investigating his own parents and their illegal underground trading. By the impression of Master Drak’mor, it became very clear to Rorik what a Jedi was, and the life that they lived in service to the galaxy for good and peace. A life and puprose that he had very much longed for.

With the confirmation of his force sensitivity and with the approval of the Jedi Council of Coruscant, Rorik began his training as an Initiate. For three years he trained amongst his fellow students and friends, giving his best to the Order. To his surprise, Rorik fell slightly short when it became time for him to go through his Initiate Trials.

The Jedi Council of Coruscant approached Initiate Vakanlore shortly after his tests and provided him with an answer to his worries. With the outbreak of a deadly plague beginning to rage through the Core Worlds, the Councilors comforted Rorik and admitted to rushing his trials amongst the distress of the of deadly virus.

Determined to bring out the potential in Rorik and see him complete his training, it was decided that it would be in the Initiates best interest to transfer him to the Yavin IV Temple to continue his training in a more remote environment.