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Rokran Vuhdar

Rokran Vuhdar
Jedi Knight

Homeworld: Coruscant

Mentor(s): Alanya Sgall, Shimi Zaki

Species: Kiffar

Padawan(s): Tel Koth


Rokran was born on the planet of Coruscant. Regular Coruscantie child. But most children would stay away from him. Rokran often felt like he wasn’t accepted among his peers. Just something people could sense that Rokran wasn’t normal. Rokran never thought anything of it. After a while, his best friend was his dad; he didn’t need any other friends.

The turning event of Rokran’s life was when he was seven. While sleeping in his room, his parents walked through the door with a sack full of credits. His dad came running him, waking the boy up. “Rokran! Rokran! Look! We’re rich!” The one time that his parents gambled, they won the jackpot. Rokran didn’t really understand the concept of money. He just wanted to play. Next thing he heard was a large banging at the door. “OPEN UP!” Yelled the man on the other side. Rokran’s mother opened the door and a shriek came from her lungs short there after. Rokran’s mother was shot.

While she lay on the floor dead, Rokran and his dad rushed out the the man to confront him. The man had no more ammo in his blaster, so he pulled out his vibro sword. The problem with this man is he is mistaken Rokran’s parents for another couple of stealing. Not to mention, the man was eye balls high in drugs. The man followed the two and couldn’t control his emotions.

When his father saw the vibroblade, he rushed forward and pinned the man to the wall. “Run Rokran! Get out of here now!” With tears in his eyes, he did just what his farther said, and ran. His father locked the door behind him. Standing there frozen, in shock, he looked at the bottom of the door, his fathers blood soaking his feet.

Rokran ran out of the apartment complex and into the darkness. And in the darkness he would stay for the three longest years of his life. For three years he would steal food, sleep on roofs as high as mountains. The worst part, is when he would get beat up for what food he had. Free clinics could do all they could, but Rokran would never stay in one spot for more then a week. He always healed to quickly.

One night he found himself in a diner. Next to him sat down in a hooded robe. Rokran thought nothing of it. The man offered to buy him food. Rokran was ten. Rokran gladly accepted his kind offer. The man then started talking little about the Force. Rokran seemed incredibly interested, so he insisted he talked more about it. They talked until they were kicked out of the diner for it to close. The man gave Rokran enough credits for a public transport to take him off the planet. The man said to go to Bespin. Ask for the Jedi Temple. Rokran took the first flight out the next morning.

Upon arriving, Rokran asked the security guards outside the transport building about this Jedi Temple. The man said to take a cab and tell them where he wants to go. So he did as instructed. Not to long afterward, he found himself in front of a large building with huge doors that opened up as soon as he walked up the steps. His jaw dropped the first step he took out of cab. A breath of new life was taken.

While walking into the Temple, it was a Padawan by the name of Aeon in which he first met. He felt welcomed. After meeting some other Initiates, Padawans and Knights, he got a chance to meet a Master. The Master was called because of an intruder. After the intruder was taken care of, the Master felt that he wanted to stay around. This Master goes by the name of Phoe Nhix.

The Knight that he seemed to be really attached to was Knight Alanya Sgall. He followed her everywhere, always by her side. If she was there, so was Rokran. One year later, Rokran was eleven. And a Jedi Initiate.

After becoming an Initiate, Rokran started a brand new life. Training in the Force. Going to class. Making friends. Even making enemies. Learning something new every day. It was his dream to be just like Alanya Sgall. Rokran was an Initiate for one year, then was chosen to be a Padawan.

During this time as a Padawan, he would set himself away from the Temple sometimes to look for materials for his own lightsaber. While away one day, he found a small child wandering the market place of Bespin. The small blue boy bumped into Rokran, and they would proceed to talk from there. Eventually, Rokran brought this boy back with him to the Temple. Rokran believed he saw something special in him.

This boy’s name was Samoon Chooga. Since Samoon was brought into the Temple, Rokran stayed close friends. When Samoon was finally Initiated, they started to drift away, eventually hating each other. Rokran saw Samoon start to hate more and more. Start to lose control of his emotions, and in time, Rokran would have the same problem. Eventually, Samoon was taken as a Padawan, and even to this day they are trying to patch their friendship.

Alanya Sgall was his mentor at this point. This made him the happiest he’s ever been in his life. He looked up to Alanya not only as a mentor, but as a mother. He relied on her. Wanted to help her when she was sick, and was taken care of by her when he was. At this point, Alanya was the closest thing he had to a mother now. He was grateful.

Alanya Sgall died on 248:16. This would make Rokran seventeen. Rokran was ready to take his own life when he first found out. He didn’t want to accept what happened, and he locked himself in his room for a long time. One year later, he was chosen as Master Shimi Zaki’s Padawan, replacing the mother figure with a father figure.

Rokran is twenty-three now, still a Padawan, still training under Master Zaki. Though he does take time off to himself to meditate quite often, he does believe that he will become as great of a Jedi as his former and current Masters. He loves them both, and feels like he owes to Alanya Sgall to be a great swordsman, and Master Zaki to be a great Jedi in the Force. He doesn’t go back on his word.